New good habits must be cultivated. Coronavirus has swept our habits and yet we have been able to turn need into a virtue. Strengthened by culture and memory – which are our strength – we resist as much as we can, as experts tell us to resist. And after all, on balance, we could get out even better.

New habits

We found ourselves forced at home, in company of our good intentions, and this time, unlike the usual empty promises, we had to put them into practice for real. We had to reckon with a hard present, but the spirit of conservation has kept us straight.

lockdown - una ragazza seduta su un balcone - habits

As Italians we can count on a solid grid of values, on a generous family and friends network,  and that is saying a lot. We promised ourselves to take better care of our grandparents, because before the crisis we hadn’t visited them enough. And now the heart constricts at the thought of seeing them only on video. At the same time, many seniors have learned video calling, and are excited about it. As we couldn’t go out, especially if affected by chronic diseases, many have learned to make bread at home to review old recipes.

Good habits after Coronavirus

We understand how important neglected affects are and how little things matter. Quarantine has forced us to do physical activity, and we have benefited from it. It would be foolish to abandon a good habit. Why not continue afterwards? To exercise while listening to relaxing music?

le buone abitudini - nonno e nipote che risposano - good habits - grandfather and grandson remarrying

Dusting off old CDs or vinyls that we forgot we had, was beautiful. And would be nice to savor the turntable stylus tomorrow again, isn’t it? However, that thread of anxiety is still lying in wait. Together with a little nervousness that risks burning us out, but we also understood how to hold them off. The web came to help us. We tried to do breathing exercises, yoga lessons, autogenic training. Excellent habits, why give them up?

Grandparents and grandchildren

Our bookstores and online purchases have helped us. By reading them, they led us to new worlds to be explored. Many have been forced to stay at home with their children. Following them in their homework was complicated, but beautiful, and new. The good habit staying with your children could be an excellent glue for the future. We couldn’t go out and buy what we wanted, so we repaired, mended and sewed up. We have used social media responsibly, not only to play, but to give and receive comfort, advice. Relationships have generally changed, but it is not the first time. Prudence and common sense are accompanying us and will continue in the future. Before, we looked out the window or balcony looking without seeing. For some time now, we have learned to say goodbye, with our eyes, as well as with our voice, absently.

Love in the time of the Coronavirus

We discovered “the neighborhood” staying at the window. Before we ran in a distracted way, looking straight ahead, without realizing the lives that flowed beside us. We have discovered solidarity in the neighborhoods, and we must not forget it or abandon it. Loves were born, with the promise to meet, even at the price of endless waiting. It means that we are cultivating feelings, and patience, watering new relationships with prudent tenderness. The Latins said natura non facit saltus, it means that the cycle of life does not accept to be forced. Here, we are to some extent reconnecting to the rhythms of life and nature itself. During this difficulty time, it is as if we are getting sick of a strange new form of common sense. Do not heal it. Spread it. Making it last.

New habits infect us. Do not cure them! ultima modifica: 2020-05-04T11:21:00+02:00 da simona aiuti