Italy seems to be a country of endless surprises. Everywhere, buildings, views, views capable of leaving us pleasantly struck emerge here and there. And this is what could happen to you during a trip to upper Lombardy. A tour to discover the suggestive panoramas of the Valtellina.

Tirano and surroundings

We place our departure base in Tirano, a town where you can breathe that sense of peace typical of the mountains. The numerous hotels, shops and the presence of the railway make it a comfortable place. Located on the limits of the Italian territory, it is an optimal stop to cross the border. The famous Bernina red train leaves from its station. In a couple of hours you will be in Switzerland, in the splendid setting of Saint Moritz. A journey marked by the rhythm of landscapes, ready to follow each other. They are the panoramas of the Valtellina. Dominated by the green of the valleys in spring and the white glow of snow in winter. Unusual buildings appear here and there along the way. Many of these are simple railway stations that maintain a style so delicious that they seem unreal. Perfectly lowered into the natural landscape that hosts them, they appear to stand still in time. As if they had been drawn by a child’s hand.

panoramas of the Valtellina - Court houses with exposed stones

But let’s continue. From Tirano, in less than an hour, you reach Bormio. Location known above all for its thermal baths. Here you can enjoy a perfect mix of relaxation and heavenly views. The charm of the peaks before your eyes as you let yourself bask in the warm waters of the pools. And yes, you got it right! The views that surround the structure completed the therapeutic effect of the spa.

The Sondrio that you don’t expect

Let’s move to another Valtellina town for a quick stop in Sondrio. We walk with a high look through the streets of the city. And yes, because sometimes in the frenzy of walking, often with our heads down, we do not take important cues. Those that would allow us to know a place better. From the classic signs that indicate the presence of a historical asset, to the ancient inscriptions at the apex of the walls. And it is thanks to these indications that you will be able to enter in precious corners. An example is the Via Scarpatetti that runs through the entire historic center. An ideal place to get an idea of the peasant life of the past. The district is in fact characterized by the typical rural architecture often hidden within courtyards. Court houses that stand in vertical structures made of exposed stones and numerous wooden galleries. It almost seems like we have to climb to gain access to it.

panoramas of the Valtellina - Castello del Grumello of which you can see the laces, loopholes and entrance portals with splitted pitra

But the best views of the Valtellina can be found at the Castello del Grumello. So we continue our journey and reach the fortress so well placed that it is almost invisible. Located in a strategic position on a hill, locally called “grumo” from which the fortress takes its name. It is a very dated structure, dating back to the 1200s. It consists of two portions, one probably for residential use, the other used for defensive purposes. The peculiarity is undoubtedly given by its location. From the top of the hill you will have the feeling of dominating the entire landscape. You will see panoramas on which the rows of vineyards run. And still terracing with dry stone walls to create a shaded cascading effect. Finally, in the distance, the road with its cars and its people. Intertwining lives, destinies, appointments under the grandeur of the hill. That nature which, from its elevated position, seems to silently control everything.

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