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Travel safer, at least when taking a plane. We could thus summarize the project carried out by Naples Capodichino International Airport. It is the first facility in Italy to be equipped with sanitation booths for passengers. In fact, in the departure areas these booths have been installed with the task of sanitizing people who are about to take a flight. A project that, after a few weeks, has also adopted the Pascale hospital in Naples. But let’s see better what it is, and the security measures adopted.

Le cabine per la sanificazione  posizionate all'aeroporto
Naples airport is the first in Italy to have installed the devices

Sanitation booths for travelers

With the increase in the number of infections from Covid 19 that are unfortunately occurring in recent weeks, this initiative takes on significant value. And that could be taken as an example by other structures. In fact, there are many Italians who travel in these summer months. And the cases of contagion have increased among travelers. Sanitation certainly allows to reduce the risks. As explained by the company that deals with the project, passengers are sanitized with a spray that sanitizes the person and the effects. It is like the metal detector under which you go through the gate controls. So it lasts a few seconds but is effective. The first two cabins for sanitization located in the departures area of the Neapolitan airport.

The safety for passengers with the procedure of the cabins for sanitation

Passengers are in any case assured that the disinfection of the person and clothes before boarding takes place safely. In fact, the passenger passes through the sanitation booths, a sanitizing and germicidal spray is sprayed which is harmless to the passengers. It also does not damage fabrics or other objects. And the news of this initiative went around the web. A video explaining the process published on social media by Sanitationbooth, the company that produced and installed the cabins, made it public.

cabine per la sanificazione sistemate alle partenze
Cabins have been placed in the departures area of the airport

Other measures taken by the Naples airport to combat Covid

As in all of Italy with the reopening of airports, the measures adopted to avoid contagion are numerous. In fact, the rules that we have all come to know are in force. The use of the mandatory mask and the temperature measurement with the thermoscanner. It is mandatory to keep the safety distance.

Cabins also installed at the Pascale hospital

And after the trial launched by the Naples airport, the National Cancer Institute IRCCS “G. Pascale Foundation” also equipped itself with sanitation booths with access also for the disabled. And this is the first healthcare facility in Italy to have done so. The cabins serve both healthcare professionals and cancer patients. They are also equipped with an automatic system for adjusting the height of the thermoscanner and a sanitizing channel with a greater width. This is to allow easier access for people in wheelchairs.

Cabine per la sanifcazione in funzione
The functioning of the structures

Thus public structures begin to equip themselves with initiatives that serve to improve safety. Progress is being made on vaccines, but it will still take time. But for the moment, common sense and respect for the rules are the only weapon to avoid the spread of infections.

Images taken from “Sanitationbooth” Facebook page

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