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“Piedmont is healing”: after more than one hundred days of emergency, the crisis unit set up for the pandemic by Covid 19 closes. The Region thus takes a significant step forward. After months of fear and anguish among the population, the second Italian region most affected by the virus now tries to look further. The crisis unit was opened on February 22 in the Civil Protection headquarters. Now the closure guaranteeing only one turn of availability.

Unità di crisi - Palazzo della ragione Piemonte, Torino - Crisis Unit -  Piedmont region palace, Turin
Piedmont Region Palace, Turin (photo by Cristiano Caligaris on Unsplash)

Crisis unit, what changes in Piedmont

The crisis unit created by the Piedmont region in February for the emergency was made up of a team of six members. With a specific task: to monitor cases of contagion and intervene to help the population. The body was supervised by the regional health councilor, Luigi Icardi, led by Mario Raviolo, director of emergency 118, then overwhelmed by controversy and replaced by Vincenzo Coccolo, appointed extraordinary commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency. Among others the body is led by Elide Azzan, from the Novara ASL, and Paolo Vineis, vice president of the Superior Health Council, professor at the Imperial college in London and member of the Covid-19 emergency data task force.

Unità di crisi - dottori in sala operatoria - Crisis unit - doctors in the operating room
Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

The unit is ready to reopen in the case of a second wave

The emergency seems to have returned to Piedmont, because the epidemiological curve has fallen. But the crisis unit is ready to restart in the event of a new wave. In the latest weekly report sent to the Ministry of Health, the situation appears positive “with values within the reference thresholds, a low level of risk and a reduced incidence compared to the previous week”. Hence the decision to loosen containment measures and close the unit. “We can say – explains Vincenzo Coccolo, extraordinary commissioner for the Coronavirus emergency in Piedmont – that it is positive news. The Crisis Unit was the thermometer of the situation. As the events progressed, it has been gradually remodeled, and now, in what has become a very advanced ‘Phase 2’ from our point of view, it has taken on its current shape”.

Piedmont data on the pandemic

According to reports also in several national media, the pandemic has registered a high number of infections in the North. The total deaths in Piedmont, on Saturday 13 June, reached 4006. There are 40 new infections on this date, of which 34 are asymptomatic. But the number of people recovered has increased with 319 cases, 2028 other patients are ‘on the mend’. Intensive care patients have fallen to 27. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 365,223, of which 201,760 were negative. And we hope that the easing of measures as is happening in other regions does not lead to an increase in infections. But rather, the awareness among the population to respect the rules to avoid a second wave grows.

Phase 3: still good news. Piedmont suspends the crisis unit ultima modifica: 2020-06-16T12:27:51+02:00 da Federica Puglisi