Italian hospitals, from north to south, are the undisputed protagonists in the fight against Covid-19. Healthcare workers are applying their skills and knowledge in the best possible way. Their empathy and humanity are put into play to treat patients and get out of this nightmare as soon as possible. Each of them is struggling and risking their lives to save as many people as possible.
Unfortunately, many doctors and nurses have fallen in this war. And to them goes our thought. But in this historical moment many excellences stand out for their discovery, for a way of doing that proves effective. Or, simply, for the modus operandi adopted. And this is the case of the Cotugno Hospital in Naples, that has received outstanding praise from the foreign press.

ospedale cotugno

Sky News applauds the Cotugno in Naples

An English journalist on Sky News UK on his reportage praised Cotugno hospital in Naples as the only Italian hospital in which infections among health workers are not recorded. It will be because it had more time to prepare for the emergency, that it has more technological tools and devices available or that it strictly follows the protocol. It will be that it is used to treating infectious diseases, or that painstaking attention is paid to details. However, fortunately, there has been no positive case among professionals to date. The British reporter describes his entry into the hospital through disinfection device. And immediately the surveillance guards in each corridor attracted his attention, which moved the next moment on the gas-like masks and then again on the airtight suits worn by doctors and nurses.

interno di un ospedale

In the Cotugno Hospital, transformed into a Covid hospital, there is an extreme respect for the rules. From the separation between the infected and non-infected material, to the division between one corridor and another. Until the separation between medical staff in close contact with patients and “second line” staff. Doctors and nurses, albeit totally protected, change suits, masks and glasses as soon as they leave a room where people with Coronavirus are treated. Whether they are in intensive or sub-intensive care.

Thanks from the mayor Luigi de Magistris

The mayor on Naples, de Magistri, wished to thank Sky News UK for its report. He says he is “happy and proud to learn that even abroad the value of our talented and brave doctors and nurses from Cotugno is known and appreciated. A model hospital, the most advanced in Southern Italy”. And he never misses an opportunity to express his thanks, which includes the thanks of all the Neapolitan citizens, for the exhausting work of the hospital staff.

Studies on Tocilizumab

The Cotugno hospital supported the other Neapolitan hospital, the Pascale, in the experimentation of Tocilizumab, obtaining from AIFA the opportunity to study the application of the drug in the fight against Covid-19. The medicine that treats rheumatoid arthritis has been found to have good results on patients with Coronavirus pneumonia. Anhui Provincial Hospital and Anhui Fuyang also confirmed the positive effects of the drug. In fact, 19 patients were released from these Chinese hospitals after two weeks of treatment with Tocilizumab.

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