In this delicate period marked by the health emergency, Italian companies adapt to new market needs by reconverting their usual production. The historic Milanese company (since 1994 moved to Canelli, Asti), the mother of Amaro Ramazzotti, did it. It is in fact from the emergency principle that the iconic distillery has chosen to produce its own special hand sanitizer.

The one produced in the historic factory is a mixture based on alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, will be given free of charge to the Italian Red Cross, Fire Brigade and Civil Protection. Its peculiarity is the unmistakable citrus aroma. The bottles of sanitizer in fact – which refer to the lines and to the labeling of the well-known bitter and each filled manually – contain an orange peel distillate. The same that gives that recognizable flavor that marked Milan to drink in the 80s.

locandina ramazzotti igienizzante

“We asked ourselves how to help and here is our answer. We bottled hand sanitizers in our Canelli distillery”: this is the simple statement from the company. The Canelli distillery thus embraces the choice of the other affiliates of the Pernod group (Absolut Vodka in Sweden, Rabbit Hole, Smooth Ambler and TX Whiskey in the United States): that of reacting to the emergency by taking the crisis head on, converting, differentiating, helping. In fact, the primary objective of the conversion in Italy remains help, concrete support to those who still work in the front line to help those in difficulty.

bottiglietta di igienizzante mani ramazzotti

Tomas Volpin, CEO of the brand, explains that it was not easy to rearrange the work inside the factory in Piedmont but the motivation gave the necessary push. Crucial was the harmony, the collaboration of all the employees, from the factory employees to the purchasing office in Milan: professional, competent and heartfelt together against Covid-19. Everyone in the group realized how important it was to produce a much needed good and whose availability would be in short supply.

Il marchio Ramazzotti – ribadisce l’azienda – si è sempre distinto, e continuerà a farlo anche dopo l’emergenza, come creatore di Convivialità. Fuori dalle sue mura, ma anche al loro interno. E ora più che ma convivialità in Italia significa salute. Alle salute, allora.

The Ramazzotti brand – the company reiterates – has always distinguished itself, and will continue to do it even after the emergency, as the creator of Conviviality. Outside its walls, but also inside them. And now more than but conviviality in Italy means health.

Featured images by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

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