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Today, March 30, very favorable data were recorded in Italy! First, the record rise in healed people and then the largest fall in infections.

Today’s total number of people infected: a record

The growth of infected people today shows a sharp drop compared to yesterday (when there had already been a good drop). There are in fact 4,050 daily cases, which compared to 5,217 yesterday indicates a drop of 1,167. These data are based on 19,829 swabs.

Great news about the record of people healed

There is a further record number of people healed, they are 1590 only today. This figure, in addition to the good number of infected people per day, helps to record a huge drop in the currently daily positive. Yesterday there were 3,815 currently positive, while today only 1,648, 2,167 less than yesterday! The daily percentage variation also decreases further, that is how the growth in percentage terms of the total cases varies day by day. From the already excellent 5.6% yesterday to 4.1% today.


Stay at home

Let’s not make the mistake of underestimating the problem now that the situation seems to be improving. It remains necessary to stay home, even more now. The measures taken are working and therefore we must continue to follow them.

The number of victims

Unfortunately, the death toll remains high. With 812 dead today, 56 more than yesterday. A very high figure, but that was foreseeable given the many infections of last week. It is believed that the figure may drop significantly next week.

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