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Today we talk about the sausage sauce. It is a simple and tasty recipe. And Italians love this sauce very much. As we know, the sauce is often used as for pasta or rice. Above all, it is considered one of the pillars of Mediterranean cuisine. So let’s see together how to preapre this simple recipe. Even if you have little time to cook, or you don’t love cookinng, this recipe is for you. But you can also add flavor to your dishes for both lunch and dinner. On the other hand, it is always good to enjoy a homemade sauce.

Sausage sauce: how to prepare it

Preparing a sausage sauce is really simple. First let’s see which the ingredients are for four people:

  • Half onion,
  • A small carrot,
  • A stalk of celery,
  • two or three sausages (400g),
  • dry white wine to taste,
  • extra virgin olive oil,
  • 200 g of tomato pulp,
  • salt

Now let’s move on to prepare it. First we clean the vegetables and wash them. Then we dry the vegetables with kitchen paper. Finally we finely chop them. But in case you have little time to cook you can shorten the preparation time. For example, replace the vegetables with a mixture for frozen sauté. Then peel the sausages and crumble them with a fork. After that, take a large pan and heat a few tablespoons of oil before adding the chopped vegetables. Let fry for a few moments before adding the sausages. Brown everything for a few minutes. Then wet everything with white wine and let it evaporate on a high flame. Now you can add the tomato puree. And mix well.

Finally, cook everything for about ten minutes on a low flame. Above all remember to mix occasionally. Add some salt if necessary. Finally your sausage sauce is ready. Enjoy your meal!

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