Summer has finally begun and after months of detention and days spent at home for fear of coronavirus infection, the time has come to experience the beauties of Italy and spend pleasant days outdoors. Attention and social distancing remain necessary and for this reason a trip to places still unexplored and of unspoiled beauty is recommended. Our advice? Change your destination and avoid the usual emblazoned tourist resorts to rediscover regions such as Molise, small but rich.

Molise does exist!

Why to choose Molise as your summer holidays destination? Well, the reasons are many and it is difficult to list them all but one thing is certain, as soon as you arrive in this region you will never forget it. Between the calm, the long expanses of meadows and the numerous chalets and farmhouses and the natural parks, you are really spoiled for choice on what to visit. If you love mountains, hiking and greenery, then the Apennines are well suited for holidays with friends, family, for couples, guys and adults.

estate - Vista complessiva di Campitello Matese che porta fino in cima / summer - Overall view of Campitello Matese leading up to the top
View of Campitello Matese leading up to the top

The Molise Apennine is composed of three important formations, the Mainarde, the Matese and the Alto Molise. The main places to visit for trekking lovers are Campitello Matese, located on Mount Miletto and Capracotta. Two places suitable for both winter and summer.

Summer in the mountains

Campitello Matese is a mountainous range of the Samnite Apennines. Its mountains give an unprecedented view, a cure for the mind and body. The place is suitable for many activities such as excursions, high altitude walks, horseback riding, muntan bike rides, picnics among the meadows and dinners under the stars. At the foot of the mountain there are also characteristic restaurants, huts and hotels capable of offering unforgettable experiences such as spas and moments of pure relaxation.

Beyond the mountain in Molise there is more

For the incurable lovers of cultural and naturalistic tourism in summer there are many protected areas to visit, such as the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park and the WWF Oasis of Monte Mutria, Guardiaregia-Campochiaro and Lipu di Casacalenda.

estate - Sentiero faunistico dell'oasi protetta di Guardiaregia-Campochiaro / Faunal path of the Guardiaregia-Campochiaro protected oasis
Faunal path of the Guardiaregia-Campochiaro protected oasis

WWF oasis

The Guardiaregia-Campochiaro Oasis is about 3135 hectares and is one of the largest and wildest parks managed by the WWF. The place offers the view of the San Nicola waterfall, the caves of Pozzo della Neve and Cul di Bove, among the deepest abysses in Europe. In summer, in addition, the park managers organize events and guided tours to discover protected plants and animal species.

A look at the historical centers of the region

Molise also offers characteristic villages and historic centers to be admired at any time of day or night. Guardiaregia, for example, appears almost magical at night. It seems to be immersed in a miniature nativity scene and to be part of the whole scene. In places like these you can stroll, taste the typical cuisine and enjoy a clear blue sky.

estate - il Campanile di Guardiaregia di sera / summer - Bell tower of Guardiaregia in the evening
Bell tower of Guardiaregia in the evening

The tasty Molisian cuisine

A trip to Molise is also recommended for lovers of good food. The culinary activity is renowned not only in the whole peninsula but also in Europe and beyond. Only in Molise can you taste typical products such as goat cheeses, fine caciocavallo, pecorino, burrata, mozzarella and fragrant salami. Truffle, however, is the king of these areas and the pasta, especially the homemade one and the dishes cooked on the grill, go well with the precious tuber present in the woods, from the white one in summer to the black one in winter.

Molise also produces an excellent red wine, Tintilia, a mixture of taste and body. Mixed cutting boards and first courses will make you relive the genuine sensations that only grandmothers are still able to recreate. In short, if you still had some doubts about what to do and where to go, the advice is to prepare your bags as soon as possible and come and take a trip to the small, wonderful region of central and southern Italy!

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