After completing your university studies, you have to work hard to find work. It is not only the desire of all parents who spend good money to support their children at university but it is also a ruling of the Supreme Court. For the magistrates representing the highest level of judgment, therefore, young people who complete their studies cannot and must not ‘recline’ to be big babies, supported by mum and dad.

After your studies, only one goal: work

With the historic sentence 17183, the judges of the Court of Cassation speak clearly: it is mandatory to find a job after studying. This is a judgment that radically changes the concept of the right to maintenance, specifically for children of separated parents.


The magistrates reiterate the child’s obligation to do everything to find a job in order to become autonomous, while waiting for a job more suited to his studies and his own inclinations. This, “because the maintenance allowance has an educational function and is not an insurance”.


The judgment was issued in relation to the appeal made by a mother on the revocation of the allowance paid by her ex-husband in favor of her son, a precarious music teacher who earns about 20,000 euros a year. The woman’s appeal was rejected by the judges of the Cassation. This is the reason: “if there is a deliberately inconclusive or unregulated lifestyle. Or the inconclusive search for an indefinitely protracted job, the child will certainly not have demonstrated that he has the right to maintenance”.

corte di cassazione
Supreme Court

Young people and work in Italy

In Italy, according to statistics, 64 percent of young people between 18 and 34 live with their families. A rather high percentage when compared with the European average. The decision of the Supreme Court judgments marks a turning point, an epochal change of mentality. Italian families are urged not to favor passive and waiting attitudes of their children.

lavoro creativo

Work is not expected, it does not come from heaven: the future is built with one’s own hands, making bones, accumulating experience. Work means shaping your career step by step by increasing knowledge, skills and professionalism.

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