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A new mask perfect for people with deafness problems to face the coronavirus. Surprising how sometimes it is enough to make small changes to get a great result. The idea is from an American student from Kentucky, Ashley Lawrence. «I modified the pattern in order to be adapted to those who read lips or use sign language, because they rely on facial expressions to understand meanings and intentions – continues Ashley – facial expressions are part of the grammar of the sign language as well as the lip reading. Information is lost if face cannot be seen».

mascherina - mani con i guanti che tengono delle mascherine  - mask
Surgical mask to slightly mitigate the infection and to be worn to protect ourselves and others

A surgical mask, modified according to need. This is the common mask used daily by all citizens, both infected people should where it so as not to infect others, and uninfected persons to protect themselves in order not to be infected. But of course, as the WHO points out, it is always better to wear it to protect us even though they didn’t provide an adequate percentage of defense.

The modified mask

Intuition is combined with a simple and practical modification. The mask created by the student has a transparent membrane in the zone of the mouth. This allows people to observe the mouth and read lips, or, in the case of hearing impaired, to listen to the message easily. The student had the idea during a simple scroll on social media. Her friends showed how to make DIY masks. “Masks of this type already exist – explains the 21-year-old on the web – they are made with the fabric used for surgical masks, but just like normal protections, these too have become difficult to find today”.

Distribution through funds

But student needs more funds to continue manufacturing  homemade masks. Ashley and her mother, with a sewing machine, exploited materials available in the house such as new sheets and plastic rolls up to availability.

macchina da cucire per mascherine - sewing machine for mask

But now they need contributions to continue their great little solidarity project. This is why they created a fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform to finance the project. They ask for support from web users to continue the distribution. A sum of over three thousand dollars: this is the result of the campaign launched from March 31 to April 2. People in United States will use these masks, at the moment the country that has difficulties in terms of infections according to statistics. But the request goes far beyond that. Dozens of orders were registered in less than two days from Italy and six other countries.


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