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The “white mill”, – il Mulino Bianco – protagonist of the Italian historic brand of biscuits and snacks, exists for real. The famous icon that has been seen in advertisements since the nineties is located in Tuscany. Few people know that it is inside the Agriturismo delle Pile. The name “delle Pile” derives from the stone containers where the wooden mechanism of the mill’s fullers beat on the fabrics immersed in a special solution. It is located in the suggestive Val di Merse, near Siena. Today it has been renovated and has become a renowned hotel.

Mulino Bianco - veduta dall'alto dell'agriturismo - white mill - view from the top of the farmhouse
Agriturismo delle Pile

L’Agriturismo delle Pile

The famous mill has become an agritourism facility located near Chiusdino. It extends for 12 hectares in the suggestive Val di Merse Natural Park. It is a place full of magic. It is not too far from the San Galgano Abbey. The latter is currently completely in ruins and reduced to walls only but, despite this, its beauty is unforgettable. The lack of the roof highlights the articulation of the architectural structure, an element in common with the abbeys of Melrose and Kelso in Scotland, Tintern in Wales, Cashel in Ireland and Eldena in Germany and the Convento do Carmo in Lisbon.

scorcio di val di merse con lago / glimpse of val di merse with lake
Val di Merse

The Agriturismo delle Pile has been recently renovated. For years it has been called the Mulino delle Pile. It was built by the monks of the Serena Abbey around 1200. It was mainly used to mill the wheat. The fullers, however, carried out the “soding” of the cloths produced in Chiusdino until the fifteenth century. Today the peculiarity compared to the past is that the mill is no longer white but covered with stone.

An unforgettable stay

Today it is possible to stay in the famous mill. It offers the extraordinary opportunity to spend a few days in one of the most well-known places in the national collective imagination. It offers the splendor of a valley surrounded by unspoiled nature full of magic. The structure offers many amusements and attractions. There is also a large swimming pool. It is possible to organize banquets, weddings, ceremonies and parties. For those looking for a more intimate atmosphere, there is a particular kitchen with a large fireplace in the center. Fully respect the style of the old country houses.

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