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occhi - foto in bianco e nero di Alessio

I’m Alessio.

I’m thirty years old and since I was nineteen, that is, for eleven year, I have been happily engaged.

We, my girlfriend and I, are in no hurry. We wait for the right moment to get married.

This strange time hasn’t changed many things in my life. I keep cultivating my great passion for music.

Although it is bad, this period has also something good. I mean, we have time to cultivate passions, we can stay at home all the time. But I can’t.

I’m working in a supermarket.

It’s weird that yesterday I was just an employee, nothing special, and today they say we are an indispensable resource. That I offer a basic service to my community. Even putting my own health at stake.

Today or yesterday, it makes no difference to me, I keep taking turns. As always. Under a lot more scrutiny. We wear mask and gloves. And above all we have to mantain distance. Between us, and between customers. It’s all surreal. A moment that no one expected .

Every day I see concern in customers’ eyes. We are this today. Eyes, did you mind? We are only eyes on patches of cloth. Attentive, alert, bewildered, confused eyes. Tired eyes.

Surrounded by these eyes I go on. I work. And in my small way I am proud.

I’m proud to be, as they say, a resource for the common good. Even at the cost of mine.

And I would like that this strange new respect for me, that respect sometimes I seem to read in people’s tired eyes, will continue. And then I think of disadvantaged families. Of those who will not receive the six hundred euro bonus. To those who can’t stand it anymore. And to those who just can’t make it. Then pride wanes, and I just hope it’ll be over soon.

And I imagine to stroll on the seafront in Catanzaro lido. As soon as that’s all over. I will hug my girlfriend, and then I will hug my parents. As always. And perhaps much better than ever.

“Today we are eyes, did you mind?” Alessio ultima modifica: 2020-05-12T12:04:39+02:00 da Redazione