Did you know that August 26 of each year is a special date for man’s best friend? Well, it is World Dog Day, celebrated by those who love this animal to raise public awareness to have more attention and respect for dogs. A day established a few years ago in the United States has become an important moment to take stock of what has been done for the world of dogs, but also what remains to be done.

Nella Giornata mondiale del cane richiesta più attenzione
Appeal to the Italian government to reduce VAT on costs for dog care

World Dog Day, its institution

World Dog Day was created to dedicate special recognition to man’s best friend. It was born in 2004 in the United States. Pet expert Colleen Paige wanted it and it quickly became a significant date around the world. Why August 26? Colleen Paige’s family on that date, when she was 10, adopted their first dog.

Benefits for owners of this animal on World Dog Day

But do you know what are the benefits of having an animal like a dog at home? According to experts, dogs help children and adolescents to grow in a balanced and responsible way, because these animals improve socialization and promote a sense of family belonging. And then they create benefits for the elderly population. According to a recent survey, 68% of elderly people claim that the company of their dog improves physical and mental well-being. And then with them you can do physical activity. They also help with rehabilitation and social recovery. They are among the main protagonists of Pet Therapy, therapy for pets, support for the disabled, blind, autistic.

La Giornata mondiale del cane è nata in America
An animal expert wanted this day of celebration

The requests of the associations in this year

But not only benefits. Having a dog undoubtedly comes at a cost. The necessary treatments are many and often expensive. For this 2020, many associations have made a specific request to the government. Reduce VAT in the cost of services. “40% of Italian families live with a dog and / or a cat – says the note released to the press by the associations -. Food for these pets and veterinary services are subject to a VAT rate of 22%, like a luxury item. In Germany, the VAT rate on dog and cat food is 7%. Italian families therefore bear VAT equal to more than 3 times that of German families”.

Costs in a period of health emergency

And with the pandemic we are going through and the economic problems that arise in many families, these are difficult expenses to bear. The request of the associations concerns food for dogs and cats and veterinary services to be placed in the reduced VAT bracket at 10%. That letter promoted by Assalco, the national association of companies for the nutrition and care of pets and industry associations that bring together veterinarians and companies in animal nutrition and veterinary drugs.

Giornata mondiale del cane si celebra il 26 agosto
The relationship between dogs and humans is truly special

And surely today many will be using the web to remember this day. With posts and photos dedicated to our dog friend. An appeal then to never abandon them. And if there are difficulties in looking after them, help can be sought in the many centers that deal with adoption. For the well-being they bring among children, families, the elderly, dogs are true and great friends. They should be adopted if possible. In Italy there are many kennels and shelters full of dogs ready to find a family to love.

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