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primo piano di Andrea

I’m Andrea. I am thirty-four years old and I am president of Adrano’s Mercy, near Catania. An association of volunteers that deals with social and health services.

We drive ambulances, medical cars, vehicles for disabled. In these unexpected days we share emergency duties. We bring to those who need it (and there are many) foodstuffs collected from the collections of the residents and supermarkets of my city. And then we distribute the shopping vouchers created with funds from the Region.

I am happy with what I do. Feeling that I’m so useful by doing something that may seem a little it gives me a sense of fullness. Today we do deliveries. Are we delivery guys? Maybe. But it is not an everyday thing to deliver small bites of serenity to people’s homes. Bites of hope.

Before 2020, the moments that most marked my thirty-four years were when I finished my studies and graduated, and then when I became an uncle. I always carry them with me. And now that we are living this time in which what comes next seems so uncertain even more.

The truth is that I know little or nothing about tomorrow, about what will happen. But I know some things about today.

For example, I understand that today, as brave as we think we are, there are fears that we cannot smash away. Especially, fear from enemies that we cannot see.

But I also know that today I don’t want to stop. The responsibilities I feel towards my volunteers and towards all the guys involved in my association, is energy for me. I move, I don’t stop, and in doing so I give as much as I can to the families that have been most overwhelmed by this pandemic and its economic effects. For them and thanks to my guys, I feel that my today is the best way I can welcome tomorrow.

To me, to my family, to all, I wish we’ll win this battle and we’ll return to enjoy freedom, that freedom made of simple things and little moments of happiness that we notice only when they fly away from us.

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