In Sicily there are enchanted places that are worth visiting. Areas immersed in nature. Real paradises, rich in flora and fauna. There are about 350 naturalistic quarries located between the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa. There are many itineraries that are promoted. Just rely on the many associations that operate in the area and participate in excursions. Because Sicily is sea, but also nature. Many of these areas are already protected as reserves. While others will soon become one. The Sicilian Region has in fact restarted the process to establish the Iblei National Park, which will serve to protect these places. But let’s discover them.

In ancient Noto there is Cava Carosello, among the quarries of the Val di Noto
The lakes of the ancient area of Cava Carosello. Source: Siracusatravel

Cave, among the oldest Cavagrande del Cassibile

Some of them are real natural pools, waterfalls. Blue water that is reflected by the sun. Lots of thick vegetation and overhanging walls. Cavagrande del Cassibile is undoubtedly one of these quarries. It is located near Noto, in the territory of the Iblei. The rivers have eaten the limestone over the years, giving life to these spectacular canyons. In them the water continues to flow, between vegetation and animals of all kinds. Here the Cavagrande river has created some ponds that are grafted between thick layers of rock, creating a unique and extraordinary landscape. Often taken as a destination for many tourist who like to spend their holidays in these places, for a long time the lakes have remained inaccessible.

How to reach these quarries

It is therefore necessary to rely on the many associations that organize excursions. From the Acquanuvena to Natura Sicula association, volunteers promote guided tours. It is important then to leave equipped, because the course is difficult to do and must be prepared.

La Cava Tortorone is called the Laguna bu in the Valle degli Dei, among the quarries to visit
The blue lagoon of Cava Tortorone

Tortorone Quarry in the Valle degli Dei

Continuing in these areas, there is also the Tortorone Quarry in the so-called Valle degli Dei. It is an area rich in vegetation. Between the rocks flows the river that leads to the Laghetto del Dragone and the Blue Lagoon. And so that too is like a paradise. The water has thousand of shades of blue, the vegetation is rich in oleanders, ferns, fig trees.

Quarries to visit, that of Santa Chiara

Another quarry is that of Santa Chiara. Here flows the homonymous stream fed by the perennial springs of San Giovanni Lo Vecchio and Serra Porcari. There are waterfalls, ponds, for hundreds of meters, creating a wonderful environment, surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub. Here are the Cultrera Lakes.

Among the quarries to admire also that of Santa Chiara
The lakes and vegetation of Cava Santa Chiara Source: Ciaotrekking

Among the ruins of ancient Noto there is Carosello Quarry

Not far from ancient Noto is the Cava Carosello. Devastated by the earthquake of 1693, the ancient Noto stood on an internal plateau, straddling two deep canyons. Reaching this place and participating in the many promoted excursions you can also admire the walls, the ruins of the castle and the tower-prison, the ruins of the Landolina Palace. Here there is also a path that goes down towards the Cava Carosello. To admire the ruins of ancient tanneries and mills.

In the province of Ragusa, the Servi Quarry

In the areas that lead to the province of Ragusa, between the municipalities of Rosolini and Modica, there is the Cava dei Servi. It is a natural reserve, rich in history and a place of extraordinary beauty. This valley was inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the necropolis with its small caves, dating back to the Bronze Age, and the ceramic artifacts dated to around 4000 years ago. In the quarry is the Tellesimo stream, which forms ponds.

Tra le Cave del Val di Noto c'è Cavagrande del Cassibile
Lakes and vegetation among the Cavagrande del Cassibile quarries. Source Siracusatravel

The features common to these quarries

There are so many quarries as mentioned. They share the luxuriant vegetation with its fresh stream waters. History has done its part. The ponds have become a destination for visitors who reach them to bathe. These are oases of rare beauty that make the whole of the Val di Noto extraordinary.

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