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One of the Italian excellences in the preparation of desserts loses its president. Alberto Bauli, head of the confectionery company in Verona, died yesterday at the age of 79. He would have turned 80 in September and he has been at the head of the company founded by his father Ruggero for 215 years. One of the most renowned companies in the sector in the world. In fact, during his presidency Motta, Bistefani, Alemagna and Doria were acquired.

Alberto Bauli è morto a 80 anni
An image of the president of the company. Photos from the web

Alberto Bauli, a life of commitment for his company

Born in Verona on September 5, 1940, Alberto Bauli inheried the company that his father had founded after the war. Over the years it has become a solid reality of Italian confectionery production. A brand part of every family, for the simplicity of the commercials, for the warmth that the images transmit, especially during the Christmas period. We all have in mind the songs that have accompanied the promotion of Pandoro and other Bauli products in recent years. An excellence that has become a renowned brand also at an international level.

I pandori dell'azienda di Alberto Bauli
The production of the pandoro of the Bauli company

In a recent interview he said: “I have achieved more in my life than I could think. But I’ve always wanted the sea in Verona, it’s the only thing we lack”. He was also an advisor with Banco Popolare, holding the position of president of Banca Popolare di Verona. He leaves his wife and three children. The company is now led by his nephew Michele Bauli, president of Confindustria Verona.

Pandoro company and the acquisition of other companies in northern Italy

With the presidency of Alberto Bauli, his company has become an important presence in the confectionery sector. Soon the production of seasonal and recurring products began the production of other sweets, which can be purchased all year round. It soon expanded, acquiring the Doria biscuit factory, taking over from Nestlé the products from ovens marketed under the Motta and Alemagna brands and then the Bistefani di Casale Monferrato. “The name Bauli immediately means pandoro, a dessert that every year brings the Veronese Christmas tradition all over the world – said the president of Veneto, Luca Zaia. With the death of the engineer Alberto, Veneto has today lost a messenger of our traditions and of the value of our business”.

I pandori prodotti dall'azienda di Alberto Bauli
An image of the Italian Pandoro

The mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina underlined “Today Verona has lost a capable captain of industry and an enlightened banker. With him, the company founded by his father has become a colossus, bringing the name of Verona into the homes of millions of consumers. The company is one of the city’s excellences for the creation of value and employment”.

Secrets of Alberto Bauli’s company

The Bauli Group is also a reality in exports. In fact, its products are also found in the United States, in many European countries, in the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa. As the company website reports, “The secret of Bauli’s success lies in having been able to combine the wisdom of artisan recipes with high technology. Bauli today ensures quality guaranteed by unrivaled high standards for artisanal production, through the choice of top quality raw materials, thousands of checks on the supply chain, from raw materials to the entire production process”.

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