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Apple pie is without a doubt a classic dessert very appreciated by everybody. But what are the ingredients and the procedure for making it directly at home? In the next paragraphs we will show you how.

Apple pie

It is a dessert whose main ingredient is (precisely) the apple. Given its extreme versatility, it is excellent for accompanying breakfasts or even tasty snacks; but it can also become a perfect dessert after a family lunch.

close up of apple pie
A perfect italian apple pie

Its unmistakable softness makes it appreciated by all and is able to bring together even the most demanding palates. Its scent recalls the most beautiful memories, those of our mothers or grandmothers in the kitchen to knead this wonderful delight. In short, it is a sweet that tastes like family.

News and curiosities

Did you know that in reality, no matter how it is appreciated by Italians, it was not born in Italy? A lot has been said about its origins. It seems that in the Middle Ages, the chef Taillevent inserted the ‘tarte aux pommes‘ in his recipe book entitled ‘Le Viander‘. According to others, the dessert seems to have Anglo-Saxon origins. In fact, there is a recipe dating back to 1381 for a cake that involves the use (also) of apples. Another recipe comes from Netherlands and is part of a cookbook printed around 1514.

a slice of apple pie
A delicious slice of apple pie ready to taste

In the United States it has been as appreciated as to become a real national icon with the name of ‘American apple pie’. Despite the uncertainty about its origins, it is certain that this product was born in a period in which there were no refrigerators. So, in order not to waste anything, it was well thought to cook the fruit in such a way as to preserve it better and to consume it even in the long term. There is also a saying in the States, ‘american as an apple pie’ which indicates the deep origins of Americans and the best of their culture.

Apple pie: which ingredients are used?

To make a tasty and soft apple pie you need:
225 grams of flour 00
170 grams of butter
250 grams of sugar
4 eggs (at room temperature)
1 packet and a half of baking powder for desserts
1 packet of vanillin
3 apples
icing sugar

How to make it

First take your apples and cut them, carefully removing the core. We suggest you to cut the apples first into four parts and then into slices. Then take the butter, put it in a saucepan and melt it on low heat. Then move on to the eggs: you have to separate the egg whites from the yolks and put them in two different bowls. Beat the egg whites until stiff; add the yolks to them and continue whipping. Then add the sugar and continue to mix everything until a frothy mixture is obtained. Add the 00 flour to your dough and continue mixing. Then add the butter, the vanilla packet and, finally, the baking powder.

apple pie
Its good smell will flood your whole kitchen

Pour the contents into a mold that you had previously greased and floured. Arrange the apples on top of the dough and bake for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees. Do you want to be sure of the cooking of your dessert? Use the traditional ‘toothpick test‘. Pierce your dessert in the center with a toothpick: if there are traces of dough, then you need to cook another few minutes. If, on the contrary, by pulling it out, you notice that it is clean, then your cake is ready to be baked off(and enjoyed). Once cooked to perfection, let the cake cool before removing it from the mold. Sprinkle your cake with icing sugar and … enjoy your meal!

Conservation method

It can be stored for about 2 days, at room temperature. We suggest you use a glass bell (or alternatively a plastic one) to cover it.

Our advice and suggestions

If you don’t like vanilla, you can also flavor your cake with cinnamon. Instead, to obtain an even tastier dough, you can add pine nuts, raisins or chocolate chips. It will be really delicious! Finally, you can also serve it with cream or ice cream. Mouth-watering!

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