There are those who have become so recently, but those who have been for many years. There are those who are lucky enough to have it again, those who have already lost it. There are those who enjoy it every day, those who have to share it with long business trips. Whatever your situation and wherever you are right now, every dad deserves to be celebrated. A day dedicated only to him who does or has done so much for us.

St. Joseph

Festival spread in many countries of the world, whether they are of the Christian religion or of another cult. An important observation. It immediately makes us understand how fundamental the father is in different cultures. Expression of strength and protection. It is celebrated in Thailand, Russia and South Africa. But also Egypt, Colombia and in many European countries. Certainly the chosen date is not the same for everyone. In Italy and in countries with a Catholic tradition, March 19 is the ideal day for his party. It is no coincidence that this is the date honored to St. Joseph, the father par excellence.

Papà - Dipinto rappresentato la Sacra Famiglia con Giuseppe che sorregge il Bambino mentre gioca con un cagnolino alla presenza di Maria impegnata al filatoio

Figure that contains the many values that a good dad should have. Right, humble, protective and understanding. The ideal of a father as a reference point is depicted. Important pillar of the family. The above is fully reflected in the Roman Martyrology. In fact, the Church defines St. Joseph “the one who was placed by the Lord in the custody of his family”. Father’s Day appears for the first time in the Middle Ages. It was the Benedictines who honored him in 1030. From here the tradition continued with the Franciscans until the seventeenth century when it was officially established. Once it was a public holiday. A well-deserved rest from work to spend time with your family. What better way to celebrate? Stop the daily routine for a moment and carve out a day with loved ones.

There is no party without dessert

Who would organize a party without thinking of a cake? Here in the middle of the table there are delicious treats! Lots of delicacies prepared for Father’s Day. Different goodness but sometimes similar in the various Italian regions. Let’s start from an island, Sicily. Here crispelle of rice are packaged in the form of fried pieces. In Naples, the zeppola di San Giuseppe is known. Much more than a simple dessert. In fact, tradition comes into play. It is said that during the flight to Egypt, Joseph had to trade in pancakes in order to maintain the Holy Family.

Dad - lots of zeppole in the tray

That is why the zeppole were prepared in Naples. Fried morsels, or baked in the oven, above which peeps a cherry lying on the custard. The tradition of pancakes is present in many other areas of the peninsula. Just to take up the anecdote that interested the father par excellence. And so rice pancakes also for Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. A small addition of dried or candied raisins to complete the delicacy of this dessert. But also different versions, though strictly fried. In fact, many ravioli are prepared in many northern towns. A delicacy in the form of a donut with a soft heart. Jam, cream or other filling to crown the goodness of this dessert. A protagonist also in Bologna, where the raviola party is organized annually.

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