Another shortcrust pastry, this time called “universal” by the master Iginio Massari because you can prepare practically anything with it. From jam tarts, to white pastry bases to be filled with cream and fruit. Excellent tartlets and dessert biscuits can be made too.

Production time: 40 minutes + 2 hours rest
Degree of difficulty (from 1 to 5): 2

Classic tart with Massari universal shortcrust pastry

two pieces of classic tart with Massari universal pastry

Procedure for making the classic tart with Massari universal shortcrust pastry

Combine in the bowl of the planetary mixer, the butter, which we will have removed from the fridge 10 minutes before starting, and the sugar and work with the leaf, without mounting. Add the eggs one by one. As soon as they are absorbed add the salt and the aromas. Pour the flour and work only for the time necessary to mix all the ingredients creating a smooth pastry. Be careful not to overheat the pastry.

classic shortcurst pastry tart and flowers

With the thermomix
Insert cold butter and sugar in the bowl for 20 sec. at speed 4 add the eggs while the blades are moving. Add the flour, salt and aromas 90 sec. speed Spiga. Remove and compact the dough.
Collect the dough, compact, seal and place in the fridge for a few hours. Spread between two sheets of lightly floured parchment paper to a thickness of 8 mm, create the base and the grid, fill with the jam. Bake in a static oven at 180 ° C. For the use of the grid it is better to see tutorials on youtube because it is not very intuitive to understand.
The recipe was made by Antonella Audino.

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