How nice was it to live in ancient Rome, among gladiators, legions, nature and battles? For those who love adventure and above all history, you can experience a whole day in the atmosphere of ancient Rome. Where is it? Inside the new Cinecittà World theme park (reopened in these days). We're talking about of "Roma World" a space that will open to the public from 3 July. Let's find out what to find in this timeless place.

Gladiator shows at Roma World
The Gladiator Arena

Roma World, a day between chariots, nature and antiquity

The new park has a very clear objective: to take guests back in time and make them live a day, immersed in nature, like two thousand years ago. A real village that is nothing more than a camp like that of the Roman legions. So you can dress like gladiators and maybe try your hand at archery and with everything that warriors once did. And then shopping among the market stalls, admiring the animals of the educational farm, the flight of the eagle. And even run on the chariots of the movie “Ben Hur”.

Gladitors at Roma World
You will also be able to wear the clothes of the gladiators to challenge each other

How the Roma World park is structured

Five hectares of land in the countryside between cork groves and meadows. From the castrum at the entrance you enter the village. Here is the Gladiator Arena: you can wear the clothes of the past and challenge each other in the ring, learning the ancient techniques, or attend a challenge. Then there is the Taberna, the park restaurant, where you can try the experience of eating like the ancient Romans, including meats, drinks and period dishes. In the park you can also sleep in the special camp, like in a two-thousand-year-old campsite. In the market you can buy the objects of the past. While on the educational farm there are goats, sheep and dwarf cows, geese, turkeys, ducks. And for small educational workshops to learn how to feed animals, pony rides, archery, adventure trails, games in the open air of the past.

The audience attending the Roma Wordl
Attending the gladiator shows is a magic to be discovered

The chariot race on the set of Ben Hur

Al Rome World could not miss a space dedicated to cinema. In fact, you can visit the set of Ben Hur. The chariot race is set up, one of the legendary scenes in the history of cinema. And you can not only visit the set but also get on the chariot to experience the thrill of running in the spectacular Arena.

The park on ancient Rome and beyond, all that can be discovered at Cinecittà World

The park in Rome is based on film sets. And this is the peculiarity of this place to be discovered. "We have given ourselves a key that has two characteristics - said the managing director, Stefano Cigarini, in SiViaggia-. One is intelligent distancing or keeping groups of family or friends by separating them from other groups of strangers. This thing guarantees fun because you enter the attractions with loved ones; the other is the enhancement of the user experience".

At Roma World you will be able to eat food as it once was
Even the typical dishes that were once eaten can be tasted

And technological innovation with the ticket through the "QR code" methodology, and many other services that can be done via web and mobile. "We are the park of cinema and TV - added - and this is what differentiates Cinecittà World from other parks. The idea is therefore to use digital media technology to bring the visitor into the world of Cinecittà". Not only the park on ancient Rome but the opening of a space is also in the works "Aqua world", a water park that will be built by 2023. "Roma World - explained the CEO - it is absolutely designed for the foreign tourist, for one who comes to Rome and after having visited monuments and churches wants to go and have fun, especially with children. Also because in Roma World you can also sleep".

At Roma World you can sleep in the camp
The tents where you can sleep one night

The entire area of ​​the park looks to respect for the environment

An Italian tourism excellence, but also a constant attention to respect ecosystem. In fact, as Cigarini explained, a collaboration with a consortium of recycling of plastic to encourage its conscious use. In addition, every day there is a show, "Magically Plastic", dedicated above all to schools. "We've put - he clarified - an eco compactor giving the possibility to those who want it to replace the purchase of the ticket paid in cash with recycled bottles. From there, a whole series of initiatives such as the water recycling system. A planting system and for three years we have eliminated all plastic products by replacing them with cellulose pulp and recycled material".

Gladiator battles on stage at the Rome World
The gladiators who compete as they once did

An extra attention to compliance with the post Covid rules

Roma Worl will open in safety, respecting the rules on social distancing. For each purchase, you can use your mobile phone, the organizers explain. In fact, all online products and services are available, such as tickets, food, parking, shuttle, protective equipment, various accessories. In this way you will also avoid many interactions with the staff, the cash desks, the ATM readers and more generally with the common surfaces. Roma World tickets and details are available on the website

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