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Why not exercising at home during this hard quarantine? First-division footballers are also at home given the Coronavirus emergency. They spend part of the day doing exercises and sharing them on social media. An example for those who are at home and want to move.

Exercising at home and plank challenge

The Serie A championship is stopped and players of all teams are at home. But they didn’t stop their athletic training doing exercises in the living room. Everybody get bored of staying all day at home, top players too. In order to kill time many footballers test themselves with challenges. We can mention the initiative of the players of Napoli: Insigne and Politano are the most active. The Coronavirus emergency and the championship stop do not freeze champions’ desire to train. Here then are players like Ciro Immobile, who share homemade workouts on his Instagram profile. And at the same time they throw down a plank challenge, inviting friends, teammates, opponents and girlfriends to do the same. In fact, social media are now full of videos and nominations because the challenge now expands like a virus.

Physical activity at home: let’s start

Exercising indoors is important especially during this time. We have to stay home, following government rules and our sense of responsibility. Then doing daily exercises is recommended. Exercising is good for all ages. There are hundreds of simple exercises, which suggested by sportsmen, trainers and athletes. These simple fitness bodyweight exercises to do at home help us get used to training. Today the social networks are full of these activities. But it is important to remember to warm up.

In fact, while staying at home and without making too much effort, the warm up should never be underestimated because it is the basis of all physical activity. After that, we move on to fitness at home. To do this, simply run on the spot for 5-10 minutes. Remember, however, to always wear sneakers.

Plank challenge on social

Restrictions on freedom change our lifestyles. The rhythms of physical exercise are also adapted, which is essential for keeping fit, healthy and in a good mood. Training alone may be tedious for many. But as always happens in life, motivation is everything. Constancy, regularity and determination are needed to overcome the temptations of a sedentary life. It is essential to have a goal to achieve to do physical activity at home successfully. So let’s set some targets.

exercising attività fisica e yoga in casa

For example, to tone gluteal muscles, strengthen upper body and legs muscles. Today the Plank Challenge is so popular. Specifically, this exercise help you to get rid of your belly. Plank is also perfect for a challenge. In fact, we find many videos on Instagram of people in plank position and then challenge friends. Those who have never tried it are amazed to find out how difficult it is to maintain a single position for so long. Follow out tip to perfect your planking: first, plant your hands directly under shoulders, second, ground toes into the floor and squeeze glutes to stabilize your body. Finally, be careful that your head is in line with your back and look at a spot on the floor. All you muscles should be tense.


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