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To discover a place they have heard so much about but they don’t know. And thus strengthen the indissoluble bond with one’s roots. The “Conflentesi per sempre” project takes shape with the selection of two young people who in August 2021 will reach Italy and the country of Conflenti to learn about the traditions and culture of a place dear to their family, but who have never visited. The winners of the call are two young people from Argentina. The project is promoted by the Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Conflenti. The guys selected are Ivan Caraballo, born in Lanus, Augustina Volpe, born in Adroguè. A significant piece of news we want to talk to you about today, June 3, the date on which the Day of the Italian Emigrant is celebrated in Argentina. A special moment to pay tribute to all Italian emigrants, who have given so much to Argentina’s spiritual and material heritage.

Dall'Argentina i giovani del progetto per Conflenti - From argentina: two participants for the project
The young people of the Conflentesi per sempre project have been selected

From Argentina the protagonists of the “Conflentesi per sempre” project

Traditions, customs and traditions, but also culture to discover. Memory, emotions of Italianness in the world. An extraordinary and unique journey for the two selected young people. Everything stems from the will of the Foundation to bring young people back to our peninsula for a short time to rediscover their homeland. In October, the municipality of Conflenti, with the mayor Serafino Paola, and the president of the Foundation, Paola Stranges signed the memorandum of understanding for the project. Then the start of the project with the call for applications to select third generation young people in conflict. The winners, the first protagonists of the project, are descendants of conflict from Argentina.

Conflentesi per sempre: a cultural exchange from Argentina to Italy in 2021

The selected young people should have reached Italy this year. But because of the Covid-19 emergency, it was all postponed until next year. Guys will thus be able to visit the land of their parents or grandparents, they will see for the first time those places they have heard so much about, they will come into contact with the local culture, with the inhabitants. And then they will smell and smell them. A real cultural exchange that will not only allow young people to experience unique emotions, but also to return home with a wealth of history, memory and traditions.

Dall'Argentina - panorama di Conflenti - form Argentina, Conflenti view

The preparation and then the journey

The project is characterized by a first moment in which the selected young people will be provided with cognitive tools useful for understanding the different aspects of the experience that they will live, and the activities that will see them protagonists in Conflenti. Then the trip and the actual stay in the city for twenty days. The trip will take place in August, during important days for the community of Conflenti, in fact, “U juarnu a Madonna” will take place, a religious festival very popular and known also in other foreign countries Conflenti people live. Travel, insurance, food and accommodation will be borne by the Foundation and the Municipality of Conflenti.

From Argentina to the country of their grandparents. Thanks to Foundation the dream of Ivan and Augustina comes true ultima modifica: 2020-06-04T12:35:21+02:00 da Federica Puglisi