“We can summarize this new measure with the expression I stay at home.” This was the expression of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte while last evening he announced the new anti-Coronavirus provisions for the whole country. For some hours now, all of Italy has been a ‘protected area’, from north to south the same rules of safety and prevention have been designed specifically to counter the spread of Covid-19.

io resto a casa campagna del governo

#iorestoacasa it is also the social campaign that many Italian artists are joining to support government initiatives against the spread of contagion.

I stay at home

With the hashtag #iorestoacasa, that is, I stay at home, many artists are joining the cause of the fight against Coronavirus. From Fiorello to Amadeus, from Gigi D’Alessio to Emma, from Fiorella Mannoia to Fabio De Luigi, from Alessia Marcuzzi to Francesco Facchinetti. And again Claudio Baglioni, Antonella Clerici, everyone is giving their strong testimony. And then there are also Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Francesca Archibugi, Cristiana Capotondi, Tiziano Ferro, Enrico Lucci, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari.

io resto a casa vip campagna social
Some of the artists participating in the #iorestoacasa campaign – image from Youtube

These are just a few names, because of course the famous celebrity testimonials of the campaign are many others. #iorestoacasa is a social awareness campaign that celebrities are conducting on social networks, tools so widespread among the entire population. On their respective profiles, they are urging fans and all Italians to stay at home and to comply with all the new provisions imposed by the national executive in this moment of serious emergency.

The call of famous people

You must stay at home” writes Jovanotti on his social profiles adding the emoticon of the hands joined in a sign of prayer. “I stay home and I invite everyone to stay there as long as this emergency lasts. This is my studio. I await your advice. What should I read or reread? And what movie or series should I watch? What music should I listen to? “. This is instead the appeal of the Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino.

i stay at home

You all do as I do: stay home.” The show man Fiorello tries to play down the tension and draw a smile with his ironic jokes. Giuliano Sangiorgi, Negramaro’s soloist, composes the instant song ‘Let’s stay at home‘ with his guitar. The songwriter Ligabue writes: “This is serious, guys. Let’s help them (us) to contain the infection“. The presenter Amadeus underlines: “It is important for the good of all of us … #iorestoacasa #coronavirus #follow the rules”.

The campaign is supported by the Minister for Cultural Heritage

The #iorestoacasa campaign was born spontaneously on the network and was relaunched by the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Dario Franceschini. “I thank the many protagonists of music, cinema and entertainment who are promoting the #iorestoacasa campaign on social media in these hours. A very important message for the kids ”. This is the thanks that the government representative wrote on his Twitter profile.

i stay at home

With the slogan ‘I stay at home’, museums are also posting their masterpieces on the web, inviting them to discover the secrets of their collections from home. So far they have joined: the royal museums of Turin, Pompeii, the Colosseum, the Uffizi, Royal Palace of Naples, the Egyptian museum, Palazzo Barberini. And, again, the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, the Archaeological Park of the Phlegraean Fields, the Oriental Art Museum of Venice. There are also the Capodimonte Museum, the Homer Museum of Ancona, the National Gallery of Umbria, the Museum of San Martino.

(featured image – Youtube)

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