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This summer we will try to go to the beach, respecting the rules on social distancing. But how will the beaches be equipped to keep their distance and avoid contagion? An original but above all project that winks at the environment is what is being implemented for the beach of Jesolo. Fir trees killed by the storm that hit Triveneto in 2018 will be used to equip the coast. The seaside area, among other things, suffered considerable damage during the storm in November, which brought the Venetian coast to its knees, beyond the city of Venice.

Gli abeti abbattuti dalla tempesta Vaia - Jesolo beach will be equipped with fir trees cut down by the Vaia storm
A storm in 2018 destroyed entire forests in Trentino. Wikipedia photos

Fir trees shot down by the storm for the “Wood on the beach”

The project conceived and wanted by the seven municipalities of the Asiago plateau. The name used for this initiative is significant: the “Bosco in spiaggia”. The protagonists are the municipalities in the area that have made five thousand cubic meters of spruce wood available to the Municipality of Jesolo. These trees are those recovered after the terrible and devastating storm that hit the Trentino area. Many trees started for recovery and used for many projects that aim at eco-sustainability. And this is truly original. And it is not the first time that these trees are reused in significant projects. Among others, there is also the particular scenography that the architect Stefano Boeri had made last year at the Greek Theater of Syracuse for classical performances.

La spiaggia di Jesolo sarà attrezzata con gli abeti abbattuti dalla tempesta Vaia - Jesolo beach will be equipped with fir trees cut down by the Vaia storm
Wooden paths will be built on the Jesolo coast

The reuse of fir trees cut down to “breathe” the coast

And this donation has a double meaning. On the one hand, it serves to help companies in the seaside sector who fear for their post-pandemic future. But also “to breathe” the coast, because attention will be given to the environment, through the use of wooden and non-plastic materials or harmful to the ecosystem. The felled trees made available free of charge by the Municipality and the Jesolo seaside consortia.

The wood used to make paths

And how will they be used? Simple: to set up the routes to access the shoreline, but also to the umbrellas and to delimit the areas of the same factories. And then the Municipality through the subsidiaries Jesolo Turismo and Jesolo Patrimonio will use wood to delimit areas of free beach and to close the piers. The expenses borne by private individuals will only concern the transport of timber from Asiago to the beach. An initiative also welcomed by the administrators and the mayor Valerio Zoggia, a project “that allows us to have wood already treated – he says – to set up our beach”.

La spiaggia di Jesolo sove verranno usati gli abeti abbattuti dalla tempesta Vaia - The beach of Jesolo so the fir trees shot down by the Vaia storm will be used
The beach of Jesolo when the spacing between the umbrellas was not necessary

Woodworking for seaside areas

And there are many projects that are being promoted in this period, precisely with the aim of equipping the beaches for social distancing. And if the creation of plexiglass boxes seemed to many unlikely, there are those who have advanced other more eco-sustainable projects. Among these, Legnolandia, a Friulian company that works wood for the creation of bio-constructions. The company has designed an umbrella seat through low-impact modular structures of 16 square meters. And the fir trees killed by the storm are always used: the wood in fact comes from the Friulian forests devastated in 2018.

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