Today the circulation between region and region resumes. And it resumes our post-covid life with no exceptions, after a period of isolation that, wrapped up in our suits, has put us in front of the harsh reality: summer is just around the corner and we need to play sports. This year more than ever. Weeks spent kneading desserts and pizzas, lying on the sofa zapping between films, updates on the state of the infection and TV sveries have given us a few extra pounds (at least two kg a head according to Coldiretti, ed) despite the many online initiatives to practice it in home. It is time to dispose of it, but what are the rules to follow to get back in shape?

The sport we missed so much

From May 25 gyms and swimming pools are reopened. We are talking about 8 thousand sports centers. At least 18 million Italians were waiting for this moment after the closure imposed by the health emergency.

Sport - uomo in bici
Photo by Dmitrii Vaccinium on Unsplash

However, playing sports will involve limitations. It can be done outdoors but alone or at most with cohabitants. You must always keep a safe distance with others. At the moment, in fact, sports in close physical contact are not yet allowed. Many pools will also wait a few more days to ensure they open safely. You can go running, cycling, walking or doing outdoor activities. The rule says: two meters away if the activity is sports, one meter if it is simple motor activity.

The rules to be respected

Health regulations must be clearly visible in every gym. Activities must be planned in advance. Customers will do well to book the seats in order to avoid gatherings.

Sport - piscina
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It would also be better for the attendance list to be kept in order to track any contacts. At the entrance, the temperature of both customers and staff will be detected. Access will be prohibited if it rises above 37.5 °. In the changing rooms, one meter must be guaranteed between one person and another. Barriers and shifts for showers are also provided. Sanitization at every shift change and natural ventilation. It is all ready. Running outdoors, gym or swimming pool, choose the one you prefer. Put on your tracksuit and shoes, ready and go.

Featured image by Emilio Garcia on Unsplash

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