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As these words come to life, Italy is not going through a simple moment. Doctors, researchers, nurses and institutions work tirelessly to battle the Coronavirus and all that goes with it. Parallel to the economic and health difficulties, a highly viscous and dangerous germ is being spread, to be defused and stemmed at all costs. The germ of fear, which generates irrationality. Fear of Italians towards other Italians. Of Europeans – and not – towards Italians. A scenery that many humanists will perhaps remember well, digging into the Boccaccio and Manzonian caves of their memory.

Dipinto di John William Waterhouse, "A Tale from Decameron"
Dipinto di John William Waterhouse, “A Tale from Decameron”. Fonte: Wikipedia

It was precisely the author of the Decameron who – describing the effects of the plague on the Florentines – showed how much they now feared each other, governed by a terror that is difficult to manage. Boccaccio himself, however, precisely through the Decameron offers a solution not to the disease, but to the climate generated by it. Staying safe, staying together, annihilating melancholy with storytelling and laughter. What we can do today, instead of painting ourselves and being painted as what we are not – is just that. Highlight our values, focus on our strengths and compact ourselves to meet the weakest. Be aware of the virus, but don’t make it a nail. Relaxing, reading a book, watching a movie. Be Italian and be proud of it, despite the Coronavirus.

Eat made in Italy

Due to misinformation and exploitation, as well as for China (you will remember the insights that had to be done to reassure about the safety of parcels from Chinese locations), Italy suffers from negative advertising and bad news. We can mention the famous French video with the pizza maker, but also the rash health certifications required by some countries on products from Lombardy and Veneto. Economic and image damage is significant. Precisely for this reason, the President of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, louched the #MangiaItaliano campaign.

La pizza, una delle eccellenze culinarie dell’Italia nel mondo

The goal is to make known the primates of Made in Italy, the extraordinary excellence of our agriculture and our products. There are 297 PDO / PGI specialties those recognized at Community level, and 415 DOC / DOCG wines. We have leadership in the organic sector with over 60 thousand organic farms. We are custodians of recipes that are reinterpreted and loved in the world, such as pizza or carbonara. And let’s not forget the Mediterranean Diet, based on bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables, meat, extra virgin oil and the traditional glass of wine. Believing and focusing on our foundations, especially in a complicated period, is essential for the revitalization of Italy in the world.

Italy, let’s laugh it off…

Don’t joke about these things,” “be serious.” Instea, yes. We joke – and laugh – about everything. And doing it helps, you don’t know how much. It helps to exorcise psychosis, to get better physically and mentally. Laughter in fact improves mood and resistance to stress, is also good for the heart, raises the immune system. And the good web, which in many ways can be criticized, this time comes to the rescue, with really funny aphorisms, memes and quotes.

So Easter is confirmed or postponed to May?”, Someone writes. “Do you already know who will be the only one to survive” referring toQueen Elizabeth. And then cartoons with amuchina and masks. Here is Cupid and Psyche by Canova becomes “Cupid and psychosis”. And the same amuchina joins her hands in the Creation of Abraham, by Buonarroti. In short, there is plenty of material. And the most severe stay calm: it’s just a joke.


Nothing could be more wrong than fomenting sterile parochialism or isolationism. Italy is beautiful when it is united. Especially now, we have to prove that we are united. From North to South, without exception. Therefore, it is essential to be decisive in one’s own small way. Listening to the advice of experts, respecting the provisions, helping the weakest and those in need. Yesterday, the public thanks of the Piacenza Ausl to those who are spontaneously bringing gifts, brioches, pizzas to the medical staff, constantly under pressure. And again, Nanni, a Neapolitan pizza chef who on February 24 prepared and brought 30 pizzas to the hospitals involved in the emergency. Fantastic, to witness such gestures. Wonderful to perform them firsthand

italy: Origine del nome. La nostra bandiera

In the course of world literature, countless authors (one above all John Donne) have focused on the theme of human insularity, stating that we are not in the world to be alone, to be individualistic. We are all part of a single continent. There can be no “I” without the other. Let us never forget it and make sure that those acts of altruism are not isolated. We fight for the good of the nation and our compatriots, all together.

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