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A great passion for the sea, sailing, nature, travel. He is Gianluca Coratti, 47 years old, born in Calabria, and world citizen. An unconditional love for the sea that he cultivated from a very young age. This passion now become a profession, after years of racing and long sailing. A clear goal: to share and spread the seafaring culture and to bring more people, young people and adults closer to the sea. He founded the “AddWind”, a sports association where he invested all his resources to pursue his dream: going to the seas. Today it has become a leader in the sector. So between an arrival and a departure we managed to interview him to know more about his adventurous life.

Gianluca Coratti e le sue avventure in mare - and his adventure in the sea

What you have undertaken is a life full of adventure. When was your passion for the sea born?

“It all started when I was a kid. I cultivated this passion, which over the years has grown to become a real job. Because in my opinion going out ot sea is a way of life. You have to love the sea, have respect for it and above all feel like guests in a sometimes difficult environment. But if you respect it, it can give you extraordinary experiences. You have to know it to live it. “

Therefore, respect for the sea and for all its environment

“Undoubtedly. It’s an environment that must be loved and respected. Living it daily you discover beautiful and unspoiled places. But there are also times when you see it dirty and you realize that the responsibility is ours too. Sea unites the continents. The surface of the world is also made of water for a good percentage. This is why we must respect it even if there is unfortunately no culture to do it.”

 One of the boats used by Coratti
The trips promoted by the Coratti team are on board sailing boats

Tell us a about the experiences you have started with the trips you organize

“With our reality – AddWind – we promote travel, which are above all experiences to make many places of our sea known, but also its traditions and its flavors. In fact, we aim not only to bring our travelers to discover the places but also their products, strictly at zero kilometer. Like the freshly caught fish that we prepare”.

You are a professional photographer but you cannot stay away from the sea. At the end of the season, what do you do?

“During the other months I continue to travel. To visit places, to then make videos of these extraordinary spots”. Coratti, in fact, tells us that as a photographer he had collaborations with prestigious magazines and art galleries brought him around Europe, London, Paris, Venice, Basel, to return to Italy where he founded ImgLab, a communication agency with offices in Rome, Milan and Cosenza. One he closed the collaboration with the agency ImgLab he has continued to work as a photographer, consultant for communication and the development of online markets. And he is currently working on a reportage along the routes of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on board his sailing vessel.

Un tramonto in mare - sunset over the sea
An amazing sunset

For Gianluca Coratti, therefore, the sea is a continuous challenge. And above all being able to approach sailing, often considered a sport for the few, instead of within everyone’s reach. Of the trips he organizes, he loves to promote the idea of holidays at 360 degrees. They’re able to make you taste the beauty of a sea trip, to the goodness of flavors for an unforgettable holiday. And on the “AddWind” website there is a rich choice of itineraries to be created. Among the destinations promoted Aeolian Islands, Egadi, Sardinia, Pontine and Flegree Islands. The boats are sailing catamarans conducted by professional skippers. Among the boats there is “Alysia”, a 19.40 Sloop signed by the designer Philip Briand, born in 85. Renovated and rearranged in 2014.

“There is not a single place that I love – says Coratti – they are all wonderful. It is worth discovering and loving them “.

Images by Gianluca Coratti

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