Potato gateau is easy to prepare and it helps us consume leftovers. It is an exquisite potato pie, stuffed with a lot of imagination.

Potato gateau

It is a very easy recipe and we certainly have the ingredients we need in our fridge. It is now part of the Italian cuisine and our local gastronomy has ennobled it. This dish appeared in Italy at the end of the 1700s. The potato gateau, Italianized in gattò or gatò, arrived thanks to Maria Carolina of Habsburg and her refined French chefs.

pirofila con il gateau di patate

Neapolitans, masters in creativity, learned the technique of this “potato pie”, improving it. An excellent potato gateau it is enhanced by fior di latte, which goes well with potatoes, better than gruyere. In the pie good ham, and salami cannot miss. There are many variations of this recipe and each family has its own. We only need a lot of fantasy to prepare it.

Potato gateau or potato pie

Potatoes are often in the pantry and in our fridge, we can often find some ham and a few pieces of cheese. We can use sausages or ham to stuff the gateau. Furthermore, in Italy, in the fridge, some parmesan is always there. To make a good gateau, let’s get a nice baking dish.

gateau di patate - foto di un pasticcio di patate

We need half a kg of yellow potatoes, fiordilatte, some salami, ham. We also need some parmesan, two eggs and extra virgin olive oil. Finally, if you like, pepper and salt and some breadcrumbs. We boil the potatoes. Once drained, we mash them in a bowl. At the same time we cut the fiordilatte into cubes, trying to eliminate the whey. Then we cut the salami or sausage.

Fiordilatte and parmesan

We will do the same with ham or other sliced meat that we have in the fridge. We add the eggs and mix well in the bowl. Then we oil our baking dish and we pour the mixture in it. Just sprinkle withpepper, a pinch of salt, but not too much, and a drizzle of oil. Finally top with grated parmesan.

gateau di patate - un pasticcio con verdure

And here a tip: if the potatoes we boiled are too floury, we can add some milk to the mixture, as the Neapolitan tradition dictates, and it’s done. It’s time to bake our potato gateau in a static oven preheated to 180° for about 30 minutes. Of course, each oven is different, so you’ll have to checking the cooking. When it is golden brown it is coocked perfectly. Once ready, our potato gateau will be steaming and ready to be served.

A delicious dish

This is the basic recipe, but the gateau is often a way to raid the fridge. Each family has its own version of this irresistible pie. We can keep the potato gateau, ready-made, and then heat it we we like, since it is very good when heated. It is not recommended to freeze it, but generally it is consumed quickly. Never as in this period, it is useful to embrace the famous popular theory of “you find what you put in”. So let’s have fun inventing “our pie” also using vegetables such as artichokes, or sliced courgettes. Enjoy your meal!


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