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The third sector will be able to obtain assets confiscated from the mafia to launch projects based on social welfare, solidarity and legality. It is a unique call of its kind. The first to look directly at those voluntary associations that exist in Italy and have long been involved in social work. It was issued by the National Agency for the administration and destination of assets seized and confiscated from organized crime. The board of directors has decided this in the past few days and the guidelines will most likely be issued by mid-June. But let’s see in detail what this initiative consists of. Because there are many properties confiscated in Italy and they can be reused.

Immobili confiscati - Il ministro dell'interno Luciana Lamorgese - confiscated properties - Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese
Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese (

Confiscated properties: the presentation of the projects is underway

The first call for the direct assignment to the Third sector of real estate confiscated definitively should arrive in the coming weeks, as the director of the Agency Bruno Frattasi explained to the online newspaper Avvenire. It will be destined for a “substantial number of assets which, at the moment, is estimated to exceed 2-3 thousand real estate units”. But to obtain these confiscated properties, it is necessary to proceed on the basis of some fundamental steps. First of all, third sector entities will be able to present projects for the functionalization and recovery of buildings. The sectors are also established: from social, to research and employment, from health and prevention to culture and safety and legality. And then there will be a greater preference for projects that aim at social welfare and that will be supported by local administrations.

The confiscated properties will go directly to associations and not to local authorities

The peculiarity of this announcement will be precisely to assign the confiscated properties directly to third sector entities. In the past, the recipients were the administrations which then identified the subjects that had to manage them. The goal as explained by the Agency is precisely to streamline the procedures. But if there are projects carried out in partnership with the administrations, they will be evaluated, provided that the availability to acquire ownership of the property is also foreseen.

A funding of 50 thousand euros for the projects to be launched

The greatest difficulty in promoting social projects often concerns the resources available. And also on this aspect the Agency has been clear. In fact, the announcement foresees that a contribution of up to fifty thousand euros can be guaranteed to the most deserving projects. Resources derived from the latest Budget Law which allocated one million euros for each year for the 2020-2022 period.

Immobili confiscati - lamorgese e mattarella che si stringono la mano - Confiscated properties - lamorgese and mattarella shaking hands

“We have applied a recent rule of the Anti-Mafia Code – Frattasi pointed out to Avvenire – and is addressed to all third sector subjects who will be able to bring their projects for social purposes, such as counseling centers, centers for the disabled, for youth discomfort, but also for cultural purposes. The call for tenders provides for eligibility criteria and conditions that will have to be verified on the merits, but also from the point of view of financial sustainability. Our contribution in addition to the real estate made available, will also consist of sums of money already financed for this three-year period.”

Immobili confiscati - mani che formano un cuore
Properties will be destined to the subjects operating in the social sector

The methods of assigning properties

According to the guidelines established by the Agency, properties should be entrusted with ten-year free use contracts. In order to guarantee continuity for projects aimed at young, disabled elderly people. Between 2010 and 2018, over 65 thousand movable property, real estate, current accounts and companies were seized. Those assigned are 15 thousand, of which 12 thousand to Municipalities, Provinces and Regions. Among the regions in Sicily there are more than 6 thousand goods, in Calabria 2600, in Campania 2200, in Lombardy 1100 and Lazio over 500.

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