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Here are the data today, May 19th. Important day, given the many restrictions removed just yesterday, a step towards a more “normal” life.

The spread

The number of infections is still stable, and it’s an excellent news 15 days after the first reopenings on May 4th. There are 813 infected people today, for a total of 226699. Data based on 63158 swabs. The percentage of positive swabs is 1.3%.

Other important data

The number of positive people drops by 1424, out of a total of 65129 active cases. The number of recovered patients continues to be very favorable, with 2075 patients recovered today, out of a total of 129,401 people helaed. The epidemic cure rises from 0.20% to 0.35%.

From hospitals

The trend about hospital pressure that keep decreasing is excellent. The total number of ICU patients is 716, while the hospitalized patients with symptoms are 9,991.

Death tool

Death tool continues to remain low compared to previous weeks, today other 162 people unfortuynately passed away.

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