I would like to share with you the Sicilian cannoli recipe… A recipe with ancient origins where the cloistered nuns prepared these cannoli during the carnival period. The dough was rolled around the river reeds and so it is called cannolo.

Production time: 1 hour + rest 3 hours
Degree of difficulty (from 1 to 5): 2

Ingredients for about 30 cannoli

For cannolo dough
500g of 00 flour
50g of lard
50g of sugar
15g of bitter cocoa
5g salt
40g of red wine or Marsala
160g of sparkling water
1l of seed oil for frying

Ricotta Cream
600g of sheep’s milk ricotta
170g of icing sugar

To decorate
Chocolate chips
Candied cherries
Candied Macedonia
Icing sugar

cannoli with sheep ricotta

Procedure to make Sicilian Cannoli

Cannolo dough
In a large bowl pour the flour, cocoa, sugar and salt. Add the lard, red wine or Marsala and water a little at a time; knead until the flour is completely absorbed. The dough should be soft and elastic, work until it is smooth and homogeneous (a little harder than bread dough).
At this point wrap the dough in the foil and put to rest in the fridge for about 3 hours.

For the ricotta cream
Take the ricotta cheese to drain at least 6 hours before adding the icing sugar. With a spatula, work the two ingredients well until they become a cream. Keep the ricotta cream in the fridge. Take the dough and roll a sheet of 2 mm (or pull it with a rolling pin).

outer part of freshly cooked cannoli

Take a round pastry cutter with 11cm of diameter and form disks. Roll up the metal cylinders and seal the two ends with a little water spout. Heat the oil to a temperature of 170 ° C. Fry all the waffles and put on absorbent paper. Once cold, fill with ricotta cream.
Garnish with candied cherries and icing sugar. The cannoli must be filled 2 hours before consuming, the wafer loses its crunchiness after a day.
The recipe was made by Mary Nico Calascione.

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