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Stop complaints! Everywhere you go you meet people who are complaining. “There are too many taxes”, “bureaucracy kills”, “politics is made up of incompetents” … For heaven’s sake, maybe it’s all true. But there will always be a reason to complain. The real choice is another: do I want to see the reasons for complaining or those to be happy? If you choose the reasons to complain, the whole world will be filtered through a lens of pessimism. If you choose happiness and you don’t take beautiful things for granted, everything will become brighter. The choice is yours. If you choose optimism – and that’s enough complaints – then here are 7 ideas to be happy to be Italian.

Stop complaints! 7 reasons to be happy Italians

  • We have a belly full of good things. Italy is the country where people eat best in the world, with the greatest variety of cuisines and dishes. If you are not convinced, move to Scotland for a few months, and then we’ll talk about it.
  • We have eyes full of beautiful things. Italy is the land of beauty. In any corner of the smallest village there is a unique genius in the world. There are so many beautiful places on earth. But is there one like Italy?
  • We have ears full of beautiful sounds. Ours is the most harmonious language in the world. Those who speak Italian are already singing. And the singer cannot fail to be happy. And moreover our music remains the best in history.
stop complaints
  • We have a body full of good emotions. Our emotions have the colors of the Mediterranean sun and the pines of the Alps. Many variations of a single beat that make life worth living.
  • We have our heads full of beautiful memories. Our story is an epic of victories and defeats but tells the soul of a people that can only be proud.
  • We have in the lungs air perfumed by nature. If you leave the city, wherever you are, you will find a natural variety that no country in the world has. Would not be enough to be happy?
  • We have our hands full of imagination. Not everyone realizes it, but when an Italian starts creating, he becomes the best. Instead of complaining it would be better to do. No complaints!
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