A few days from the start of Phase 2, the government is working to define the guidelines dedicated to children. They are vitally important because they should allow the recovery of that sociability that has failed during this long quarantine. In this specific case, sociality will be guaranteed by a program of outdoor activities – to be carried out in line with the indications of the technical-scientific committee (which naturally invite maximum caution).

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In Phase 2, caution and responsibility are certainly needed. In their careful respect, the outdoor activities mentioned will already be possible in the coming weeks.

Objective of the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina is to offer a “concrete hand” to families: “some fresh air” now that families wil start working. All this, in the light of the meeting convened by the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family, Elena Bonetti, attended by the Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo, the Minister for Youth Policies and Sports Vincenzo Spadafora, Undersecretary for Health Sandra Zampa and the representatives of Regions, Municipalities and Provinces.

The big (and appreciated) novelty will concern summer camps, a saving institution that has always taken care of children after school, while mothers and fathers continue to work.

Yards and gardens of the schools will be made available for recreational and training activities for the youngest, and even before the (ideal) end of the lessons. Activities that for this first phase will be entrusted to external staff. For obvious reasons, schools involved in construction and improvement works for September should be excluded. To implement the project, very strict health protocols will be needed that respect social distancing with great attention.

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During the meeting between the ministers, emphasis has been places on the role that sociality plays on child development: an essential condition for promoting psychophysical well-being, and therefore health in general. Being with peers in open spaces and doing physical activity is vital for the development of the human and social dimension.

This is the main reason why from May 4th, in collaboration with local authorities and even before the canonical dates of the summer camps, it will be able to offer families these opportunities for children and teenagers (and also for mothers and fathers, in a way). A first official protocol that will allow them to work in open and accessible spaces – naturally for small contingent groups.

The possibility of expanding resources in favor of local authorities and families to consolidate educational services is also being considered. The immediately subsequent document should finally provide the indications applicable from the month of June in reference to the activity of the summer camps. They will be managed in collaboration with sports bodies, third sector and local bodies. All protagonists in some way of the recovery and a dutiful response of proximity to the needs of families. In this sense, additional resources will be made available by the Ministry of the Family which can be increased later on the basis of the needs that will emerge.

It’s obvious that all the measures mentioned, from those approved to those being prepared, will always be implemented under the careful protection of the technical-scientific committee.

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