The European Union has launched a lifesaver to countries affected by the coronavirus emergency. The SURE Instrument was presented, a 100 billion euro solidarity tool to help businesses and workers. In recent days it had already intervened in favor of national funding for health systems and directed research towards the development of a vaccine. Now it is taking measures for economic recovery. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ways he is satisfied, who has been waiting for a position from the EU since the beginning of this pandemic.

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“We are called to make a qualitative leap that qualifies us as a ‘union’ from a political and social point of view, even before an economic one,” said Conte bluntly. The emergency, said the Prime Minister, requires “an extraordinary response, since the nature and characteristics of the ongoing crisis are such as to jeopardize the very existence of the common European house”. “We need more courage,” says Conte in Brussels, “a lifesaver” is not enough. “There is a need for a lifeboat.”

The SURE instrument, some details

For the EU, the impact of this crisis must be mitigated as much as possible. The economic recovery will be guaranteed by avoiding layoffs and helping businesses. One of the solutions will be to reduce working hours to guarantee it to a wider pool of people. The Commission will therefore provide up to € 100 billion in the form of loans to countries that need it to ensure that workers receive an income and that businesses retain their staff. Support measures are also envisaged for self-employed workers. In this way, citizens will be able to continue to pay rent, bills and buy food and the economy will find the necessary stability.

The EU and the aids to the most needy

The European Commission has also provided aid for disadvantaged people. Those who do not work and who live relying on the help of others, often families, even for the most basic needs.

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Aids are also provided for these citizens. Electronic vouchers for internet purchase and protection devices will be provided for operators who work in solidarity chains that distribute foodstuffs.

Ursula Von Der Leyen: “Every euro of the EU to manage the crisis”

“Every euro available in the EU budget will be redirected to crisis management, every regulation will be simplified to allow funding to flow quickly and effectively, explains the President of the Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, in a statement.


“The new solidarity instrument will mobilize € 100 billion to ensure that citizens do not lose their jobs and keep businesses active. Our efforts are combined with those of the Member States to save lives and protect livelihoods. This is European solidarity“.


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