Who said that art is not child’s play? To disrupt this belief there is “The Medici Game”. The new exciting videogame is set in the historic residence of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Its producer is the TuoMuseo association, which has now taken the flaw for the “gamisation” of art. Two years ago it released the title “Father and Son”. The virtual game was dedicated to the archaeological museum of Naples, and within a short time it managed to reach over 4 million downloads.

the cover of The Medici Game
The cover of the new video game

For “The Medici Game”, instead, we will have to wait a little longer. The video game should be available in late autumn. It will be downloadable first in the iOs and Android smartphone versions, and later on all other devices. The news of this new videogame produced by TuoMuseo has aroused the curiosity of the ever-attentive director of the Uffizi Eike Schmidt: «It is an imaginative initiative to attract the younger audience and bring it closer to our museums, offering innovative ideas to get passionate about our cultural heritage. The encounter with art and beauty thus takes place through play, a powerful educational tool». How to blame him. The game, if built effectively, can be an instrument of unparalleled educational value.

Caterina, the young detective among paintings and enigmas

The Sillabe publishing house oversaw the plot of “The Medici Game”. Expert in the publication of museum guides and art essays, it could not avoid placing at the center of the narration the works present in the galleries of Palazzo Pitti. The protagonist of the story is Caterina, a young art historian who finds herself involved in a mysterious murder case during a visit to the Royal Palace. Thus, she will find herself following the clues in the White Room, in the Hall of Saturn (the one with the self-portrait of Raphael) and in that of Prometheus. There will also be faithfully reconstructed views of the Boboli Gardens and the Grotta del Buontalenti.

scene from The Medici Game
A scene from The Medici Game

To reproduce the settings the designers started from a series of photographic images and then reconstructed them in every detail in the digital version. The result? You will move Caterina in the halls of Palazzo Pitti, and you will be able to breathe the same air imbued with art that distinguishes the location. The works of art, the decorations, the furniture in “The Medici Game” are real co-protagonists without which Caterina would not be able to solve the various puzzles. An advice? To unravel the mysteries of video games, dust off your old art books !

The protagonist of The Medici Game conquers the social media

It is true that “The Medici Game” has not yet officially debuted in the hands of gamers, despite the fact that the protagonist is already active on social media.

Instagram profile of Caterina, protagonist of The Medici Game
Image taken from Catherine’s Instagram profile

To be precise, she has an instagram profile, caterina_florence92, where she has been revealing her identity for a few months with “post” shots. She wanders around with her ice-colored eyes among the rooms of Palazzo Pitti, leaving clues about mysterious characters between one room and another. Who will they be? There is also a facebook page “The Medici Game. Murder at Palazzo Pitti” where week by week some background on the videogame is revealed waiting for its official release.

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