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Among the most beautiful villages in Italy, the municipality of Valvasone Arzene is a small town in the province of Pordenone, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. A jewel of the medieval era.

Valvasone Arzene a small town in the heart of Friuli

The small municipality of Valvasone Arzene was formally established on 1 January 2015. The territories of Valvasone and Arzene, two contiguous inhabited centers that already coexisted peacefully, were unified, before the new institution was established. In the small town, according to a resolution of the regional council, the Friulian language is also protected, and in particular one of the variants of western Friulian.

Piazza del Municipio di Valvasone Arzene con i palazzi medievali
Valvasone – Town Hall

The town has long been part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy, because the town of Valvasone is a medieval village with an excellent state of conservation. Inside there are stately homes, which date back to the period between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries. Although the main point of interest is the castle. Surrounded by a moat and an ancient wall, inside it has rooms decorated with stuccoes, an art gallery and a theater dating back to the eighteenth century.

The history of the Valvasone Arzene family has very deep roots

The first evidence of the castle’s presence dates back to 1206. It is mentioned in the annals of a local family. Since 1268 the chronicles tell that the village develops around the castle. A town surrounded by walls. Outside will rise the church of Santa Maria e Giovanni. Over time the village grows and acquires a fundamental political role for the Valvasone area. Three city walls will be built.

Interno del Duomo di Valvasone Arzene con in vista l'organo veneziano del '500

Inside the hospital, a shelter for wayfarers and the parish church. On March 6, 1797, Napoleon Bonaparte, leading 40,000 men, defeated the Austrian troops near the village. In the evening he will spend the night at the castle as a winner. The town retains other small jewels, all to be visited and fully enjoyed. For example the water mill, fully functional, dating back to the 15th century.

Buildings, history and traditions

Other important buildings are the Cathedral of the Holy Body of Christ, which houses the relic of the miracle of the Sacred Tablecloth. Hence the name of the sacred building. Inside there is a 16th century organ, belonging to the Venetian organ-making art. It is the only surviving example, and is embellished with an artistic frame painted by the artists Pordenone and Pomponio Amalteo. To visit the church of Santa Margherita with an important oil painting by Pomponio Amalteo from San Vito depicting S. Margherita between S. Sebastiano and S. Rocco.

Chiostro dei Serviti a Valvasone Arzene

Still the Church of Ss. Pietro, Paolo and Antonio Abate, which was once the Hospital with valuable paintings and frescoes of the ‘500 and a portative organ of the’ 600. The church preserves the Cloister of the Servites built in the 15th century. The center of Valvasone Arzene, rich in history and traditions, has preserved its rural origins. There are many farmers who have resumed producing fine wines and important dairy products. The area produces the best Montasio cheese in the area.

(Images taken from Valvasone Arzene info e turismo Facebook page)

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