This week we welcomed Phase 2. Slowly we are recovering our lives. We started by visiting our families and getting back in touch with our “steady affects“. However, there’s no reason to lower our guard. Masks will be with us for a long time and are indispensable in this return to life. With the summer season, we cheer up this long difficult period, colouring it with imagination. Mask is now a must-have accessory, we learn to convince ourselves by customizing it or entrusting ourselves to fashion.

Stylish masks, the favorite models

Just browse the web and we find masks for all tastes. From the super-coloured ones in washable fabric to the chic ones in leather.

Mascherine - due ragazze che camminano e indossano la mascherina  - masks: two girls walking wearing a mask
Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

We can recycle old scarves, T-shirts or jeans to sew our masks, which obviously are a must to protect ourselves from Covid-19. If, on the other hand, we are incurable fashion victims, then we can focus on buying the trendiest masks online. There is enough for everyone. And then, avoiding the disposable ones, we also avoid waste.

And are instantly in vogue

Masks may soon become an interesting business for the fashion industry. After the initial difficulties, the intervention of many stylists who made important donations to research or the conversion of some factories to create coats necessary for healthworkers during the emergency, the creation of masks as a fashion accessory to match with our outfits, could become the new target. Italian fashion supply chain is fundamental on a global level. And it is an important part of our economy.

We need colours

After these long and gray months, confined to our homes, we need colour. Let’s avoid the dark ones, which are sad, and we aim for the summer ones. Attention obviously to match them and to choose the ones that best suit us depending on eyes and hair. The younger ones have already thrown themselves on the Off White mask.

Mascherine - una ragazza con mascherina e occhiali da sole  - masks: girl with mask and sunglasses
Ph by Mariagrazia Chirico

The favorite is the yellow one with the black logo. Those who love super brands, do not give up having Gucci or Louis Vuitton. To be honest, the masks had already appeared on the catwalks of the spring-summer 2020 collections. Now, with the explosion of the infection, it has become essential to have them. We will all remember the very popular singer Billie Eillish, who arrived at the Grammy Awards wearing a black Gucci voile mask. The pop star ended up on Vogue in January anticipating what the 2020 trend would be. Long before the WHO spoke of the global epidemic.

A way to respect the environment and others

Wearing of the mask has long been a healthy habit in many countries of the world. They have been doing it since the time of Sars, to protect themselves from possible infections but also against pollution.

Mascherine - una ragazza con mascherina colorata  - masks- a women with a coloured mask
Ph by Mariagrazia Chirico

What happened has changed the way we think and reason. Armani bluntly said that the fashion system must change its rules. Stop excesses. Let’s review our way of being but without giving up on that colour note that helps us keep our mood up. We embrace the idea of providing ourselves with an accessory necessary to protect our health and that of others. Green light to imagination and customization. Tutorials to make them easily even at home can be easily found on the web. We hope for the industry to be the decisive turning point towards a green change with care for the environment. But above all respectful of work and life as a whole.

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