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WHO praises Italy in the fight against Coronavirus. Together with Spain, our country has found itself to be the epicenter of the pandemic.

WHO on Twitter: “Italy and Spain have overturned a frightening situation”

“In March, Italy and Spain were the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both countries brought their #COVID19 epidemics under control with a combination of leadership, humility, active participation by every member of society & implementing a comprehensive approach. Both countries faced a daunting situation, but turned it around”. This is what tweeted the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who appeared in the organization’s official account, during the briefing on Covid-19.

WHO and support for Italy

It is not the first time that the World Health Organization has expressed messages of support for Italy. Already in March the general manager Ghebreyesus in a message on twitter had written: “The government, Italian people are taking decisive and courageous actions with the aim of slowing down the spread of the coronavirus and protecting their country and the world. They are facing significant sacrifices”.

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In the same period, the director of WHO Europa Kluge, after a telephone conversation with Minister Speranza, had also shown appreciation for Italy’s work in the fight against Coronavirus.

Italy, a “model” to follow

March 9, 2020 is a date that will remain etched forever in everyone’s memories. That day the whole of Italy became a red zone. A lockdown went off that basically stopped everything. From commercial activities to schools and universities, to sports. Everybody at home. The Coronavirus made a real massacre; the count of the infections and death tool was impressive. But the Italians have not given up. They fought with great courage. Doctors and nurses worked relentlessly in hospital wards to face Covid-19. Many volunteers took to the field to help those in need. Social distancing and the use of protective devices were immediately imposed. And even when the latter passed away, the race for solidarity took off.

Coronavirus - Hands joined together to form a heart for solidarity

Throughout Italy many companies have converted their production and have started to create masks. Then there were those who sharpened creativity and sewed masks to be distributed to the population. In addition, multiple donations have been made from various quarters. Even in these moments of crisis and tears, Italy’s great heart has made itself felt.

The current situation

After the end of the lockdown, Italy began a slow recovery. Commercial activities have reopened and many students have found themselves (with such emotion) to take the exams in the classroom, after having followed the online lessons for months. Little by little, sports activities also started up again. Coronavirus has certainly changed us. We found ourselves faced with many uncertainties, but we also had certainties. For example, the way the virus is transmitted. The fight against Coronavirus is not over yet. To remind us is not only the bulletin issued every day by the Civil Protection, but also the news that comes to us from the world. So let’s not let our guard down.

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