Being out-of-doors is not easy. As exciting and entertaining as life in another city may be, you have to deal with many things, but many young people, including myself, gather courage – and clothes, and shoes, and books – with two hands and decide to leave. At the exact moment when they cross the threshold of our house, we know that our heart will be broken in several parts but nothing will prevent us from putting them back together.

Fuorisede - Un ragazzo in partenza con la valigia

Dear out-of-doors, when you go to the South you cry twice: when you arrive and when you leave

We have many problems in the South. It would take hours to list them, and yet we can’t help but thank our roots. In your suitcase, we put a little bit of everything: from a slightly accelerated dialect, from our perennial delays to appointments, to immediate familiarity with unknown people. Impressed in our hearts remain the landscapes imbued with memories, the stupid things we did with friends and family lunch. However ugly or beautiful life may have been up until then, a part of our out-of-mind heart finds it poignant to leave it.

out-of-doors -View of the Amalfi Coast

When we return it will be all there waiting for us, the bed with the same blankets, the toothbrush where we had left it and the glasses that always break. And yet, we know that it will no longer be the same thing. We will be the ones changed.

Our-of-doors and the bela madunina

The favorite destinations of out-of-doors are Milan, Bologna, Turin or Rome. The biggest fear that assails kids after leaving home is: how cold will it be? We pack up like Totò and Peppino when they arrive in Milan, so afraid of the cold as they do not find the familiarity of a house. And yet, the time has come to dispel this myth. Living in a northern city, we will begin to build a new experience, a new life and a new version of ourselves. Not only do we find so many other boys living in our same condition, but we will realize that in the North they are not so different from us.

out-of.doors- Milan station

Apart from some apericena and the lack of fat food from the South, we all share the good fortune of living in a country with great potential. And, perhaps, when we return home for the holidays, a little we will feel we have left something in the North.

Out-of-doors: world citizens

As our network also demonstrates, and as history tells, Italians have always lived in different parts of the world. America, Germany, Argentina, England. Our home is everywhere, our habits everywhere, our soul is a set of experiences. Off-roaders will be able to leave a piece of heart in the South and one in the North, but as soon as we understand that these places leave something to us, everything will change. We will take with us all that Italy has given us, from our roots to its teachings, helping to build a better world, as its citizens and we will no longer be a part of everything, but all on the same side, to know and experience ourselves and the world around us. Accept and be welcomed, help and be helped, because we are all part of the same network, that of humanity. All that remains is to take the suitcase.

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