Coronavirus has also caused a boom in sanitizers intoxications. From the outbreak of the Covid-19 emergency to today, in fact, the use of disinfectants went through the roof. In some cases, it has led to behaviors that are truly harmful to human health. The alarm was launched by the Niguarda Poison Control Center in Milan.

The usefulness of sanitizers

Disinfectants aim to reduce or completely get rid of microbes and bacteria present in a specific environment or on specific objects. On the market there are different types intended for different uses. As for disinfection, four essential questions must be considered: what should be disinfected? How should it be disinfected? When is it necessary to disinfect? Who should disinfect?

Boom di intossicazioni - soluzione disinfettante versata nelle mani
A essere altamente esposti a queste intossicazioni sono i più piccoli

Clarify these questions also helps to choose the right product. However, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus emergency, not only sanitizers have become unobtainable products; but even those few on the market were sold at very high prices.

Boom in sanitizers intoxications, data provided by Niguarda Poison Control Center

Niguarda Poison Control Center has warned that intoxications caused by disinfectants are increasing. The hospital is among the most important Italian references for the diagnosis and treatment of acute poisoning with over 50 years of activity. Consultancy requests for sanitizers intoxications have increased by approximately 65%. Especially the youngest ones are exposed: in fact, there is an increase of up to 135% of pediatric poisoning in the age group under 5 years.

Boom in sanitizers intoxications, what are the causes?

Unfortunately, in order to fight the virus, somewhat dangerous behaviors have been triggered. Tutorials, of a few minutes, on how to prepare home-made sanitizers with a few euros are running on the social-medias and on WhatsApp. And many employ these incorrect methodologies; in fact, it happens to see people in supermarkets who buy the ingredients to prepare the snake-oil at home. However, it should be recalled that these tutorials are by no means reliable: first of all, you need to have specific skills when it comes to chemicals; if incompatible with each other, thay cause heavy damage to health. Between fake news you risk falling into all kinds of pitfalls. Be careful!

sanitizers intoxications Boom di intossicazioni - disinfettante domestico
Fate attenzione ai disinfettanti fai-da-te

There are also those who exceed in the use of disinfectants and, by soaking the masks, they end up inhaling a high dosage of chemicals. And then again, there are those who leave the bottles unattended, perhaps without labels, and end up in the hands of children, who could even swallow them. Pay attention especially if you have children.

What rules to follow?

So what rules should we follow to avoid the risk of sanitizers intoxications? First of all, be realistic and don’t rely on the tutorials that promise you miraculous household products. Then, don’t overdo it. Last but not least, in order of importance: do not leave containers within reach of children. In case of ingestion, before going to the emergency, contact the poison control center of your city (the Niguarda number in Milan is 02-66101029). Through telephone management, you can also understand if it is strictly necessary or not to go to the hospital.

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