The castagnole or also called favette are a typical dessert of carnival spread throughout Italy. Their recipe is very old, in fact it was found in the archives of the state of Viterbo a manuscript volume of the eighteenth century, in which there are written 4 variations and also an eventual baking in the oven. The main ingredients that are flour, sugar, eggs and butter or seed oil give life to the formation of balls that are fried in plenty of boiling oil. I enriched them with a delicate cream that gives it an even greener and pleasant taste. If desired they can also be enjoyed simply fried and sprinkled with icing sugar, in other words little gems. Good preparation for everyone.

Construction time: 45 minutes
Degree of difficulty (from 1 to 5): 1


For the castagnole
500 g of 00 flour
130 g of caster sugar
2 medium-sized eggs
100 ml of whole milk
100 ml of seed oil
50 ml of witch liquor
peel of a grated organic orange
1 sachet of baking powder for cakes
1 lt of peanut oil for frying

For the cream
350 ml of fresh whole milk
150 ml of fresh cream
100 g of sugar
2 medium-sized eggs
50 g of 00 flour
a few drops of vanilla essence

For the finish
powdered vanilla sugar to taste

Castagnole with cream on tray

Procedure to make creamed Castagnole

For the cream
In a saucepan mix the eggs with the sugar, add the essence of vanilla, the sifted flour, lastly the milk and the cream at room temperature, put the mixture on the gas and cook over a moderate flame until it thickens with the help of a whip.
If you use the bimby in the jug insert all the ingredients 8 min 90 ° vel 4. Transfer the cream into a bowl with contact film and allow to cool to room temperature.
For the castagnole
With the help of an electric whisk (insert the spiral whisk for kneading) or by hand with a wooden spoon mix the eggs with the sugar, spoon the sifted flour alternating the milk with the oil, finish the dough with orange peel, liqueur and baking powder.

Castagnole with cream and icing sugar placed on a plate

The dough obtained is very similar to that of the choux pastry, let it rest at room temperature for an hour, after the established time put it in a bag a few and dosed directly with a bag a few dumplings in the pan where you will have heated plenty of oil boiling (170 ° C), help yourself with a scissors or a knife dipped in fry oil. The castagnole must be golden, let them cool and with the help of a sac a poche with a smooth spout fill the castagnole with the cream and sprinkle with vanilla icing sugar.
The recipe was created by Emanuela Giannico.

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