On Wednesday, March 25th, Rai broadcasted a replica of Meraviglie – Una notte a VeneziaWonders – One night in Venice program with Alberto Angela. The famous popularizer appeared at the beginning of the episode with a message of love to our country and its people in the midst of Covid-19 emergency.

alberto angela si sporge da balaustra con sfondo il mare - covid-19
The Italian popularizer Alberto Angela in the promotional poster of “Meraviglie”. Photo by raiplay.it

The values that unite the past with the present

Alberto Angela knows so many wonders and has not missed the opportunity to remind us all of the greatness and poetry of our nation. However, mentioning the beauty of our past is not an end in itself. In fact, as the popularizer points out: “Our heritage is the result of some values of past generations such as genius, creativity, professionalism and also the love for life that our country needs”. Beauty and values therefore that allowed us to become a point of reference for the West in the fight against Covid-19. Us, specifically, a very small country on the map.

alberto angela in diretta da casa sua covid-19
A freeze frame from Alberto Angela’s video message on March 25, 2020. Photo by Giorgia Favero

Angela continues: “I would never have thought one day to see a new face of our country taking shape before my eyes. This is not a monument but a collective action, the action of Italy, everything happens thanks to you.” The past that becomes present and is called culture.

The exhortation for post-Covid 19

“We still have to bite the bullet, a little more, then all this will end.” A thought of the post-Coronavirus era is a must and also in this regard Angela wants to leave us an important message: to reward our country and our fellow citizens. This can me achieved in two ways. The first: not forgetting those who have been fighting on the front lines. The communicator makes a very long list of them among health workers, administrations, volunteers, operators in transport and distribution.

collage bellezze italiane venezia dolomiti cinque terre firenze sardegna
Collage of some breathtaking places that Italy offers us. Collage by Giorgia Favero, images taken from unsplash.com

The second: “When you will leave for trips, reward Italy: help those who live on tourism, such as cooperatives, guides, hotels, restaurants that are suffering a lot. In this way you will also reward our heritage and all past generations who are ideally fighting with us”. It is true, the world is full of beauties and mysteries yet to be discovered. But we cannot ignore the wonders that we have at hand only because in a globalized world we feel almost obliged to stamp a passport.

Due to Covid-19 the message comes from quarantine

With an important personal message on March 25 Alberto Angela appeared on the TV screens of 3,193,000 Italian citizens: 12.3% share. The background of the shot portrays a corner of his house, where we imagine the famous popularizer is confined, like all Italians. Sitting on a white armchair, he has behind him a bookcase where numerous volumes are lined up, as we can expect from someone like Alberto Angela. An extraordinarily ordinary setting for a man who appears on TV on the backgrounds of the most wonderful places in our country and beyond. Before going into the mysteries of Venice, the spectators were thus able to experience a deep feeling of commonality and closeness to Angela. Who rightly remembers: “You too who stay at home save lives, because you prevent the virus from spreading”.

Watch the video: click here.

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