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For gender equality in Italy it is an important result. And this result is also important for the company that has achieved it. We are talking about Ferrari in Maranello. The result is having adopted equal pay for men and women with the same qualifications and the same duties. It is not only Ferrari that recognizes it and makes it known, but a Swiss Foundation, the Equal Salary, which has given the renowned Maranello car manufacturer a specific quality certification. A non-impromptu recognition but rather the result of an eight-month study.

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The investigation was conducted by the international Pwc network which worked on the basis of a specific protocol recognized by the European Commission. Hence, a mark of quality. The result also has added value because we are talking about one of the first car companies in the world. Where the value of the male figure, at least in terms of image, would seem to be predominant compared to the female one. Instead it’s not like that.

Men or women, Ferrari rewards professionalism

“Ours is an inclusive and respectful environment of gender differences – explains Maranello’s house with satisfaction – An environment that takes into consideration the professional development of each of our collaborators. Regardless of whether they are men or women. We work with constant commitment and respectful of gender differences”. Ferrari is the first Italian company to have received this coveted certification. A really important result if you think that at the global level there is no country that has achieved gender equality.

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Regardless of the area in which it’s located, the type of economy and its level of development. Italy in particular, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, has even fallen by six positions, from 70th to 76th worldwide, in the ranking of countries that implement equal pay. Generally, women are paid 20 percent less than men.

The difficult path of working women

In reality, ours is a country where wages are established by collective labor agreements, therefore wage discrimination between men and women is not allowed. But these discriminations often creep into the folds, for example, of higher tasks performed by the worker than her actual company position.

Without forgetting that the bargaining power of a woman is frequently conditioned by her family situation. And in order to be able to access, for example, a minimum of hourly flexibility, conditions of classification and worsening wages are often accepted.

Equal pay serves to attract and develop talent

Not in the Ferrari home, where women are 14 percent of the almost 4300 employees. We are proud to receive this certification. It represents an important milestone for us to make our work environment respectful of differences and inclusive – said the CEO of the Prancing Horse, Louis Camilleri. Equal pay and opportunity in our company is not just about a principle of equity. It is a fundamental pillar to attract, retain and develop the best talents and thus stimulate innovation and our long-term growth”.

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