Graduation exam will take place online this year and scrutiny from afar. These are the key elements of the “Decreto scuola” just approved by Government. The new rules, which will be applied through ordinances of the Ministry of Education, consider the hypothesis that students will not return to class by May 18. These measures involve 500 thousand students who in these long weeks, forced to isolate themselves for the coronavirus emergency, are following lessons from home. PCs, laptops and smartphones are the new school tools that have revolutionized classes, catapulting all teachers towards digital teaching.

Graduation exam, how it’s going to work

If the Covid-19 emergency is not over by mid-May and students cannot return to school, the new provisions will be applied. No huge classroom with rows of desks and chairs to welcome the candidates; no night anxiety before exams; and no whisper between classmates to exchange ideas and suggestions, but a single digital oral test.

No one will fail. There will be an internal evaluation committee with an external President. 3rd grade kids will not take exams but they should write an assay and then they will receive an evaluation of the class council. Scrutiny, however, will be from afar. All students will pass. A different kind of examination will take place even assuming that students will return to school by May 18. In this case, in addition to the oral exam, a national test of Italian managed by the Ministry of Education and a second test prepared by the internal commettee must be taken. External candidates will take the tests at the end of the Covid-19 emergency.

Fuss on social media

On social media, there’s a huge fuss with the hashtag #maturità2020. Guys are worried. This long period of isolation is getting heavy, psychologically!

graduation exam

The desire to “devour” life, typical of this age, suffocated by anti-contagion restrictions, and much more. Many complain about internet connection problems, especially in southern Italy. Many Italian families are having financial difficulties. They wouldn’t jump for joy, as many thought. Just browse Twitter to feel their deep unease. However, data on the spread of the disease are slightly better. It is therefore necessary not to give up and keep it up at least until the curve descends.

Ministra Azzolina: “The school year is save”

Minister Lucia Azzolina said: “The school year is save. However, we cannot speak of a passing grade; it’s oudated.

graduation exam
Minister: Lucia Azzolina – Foto MIUR

Evaluation looks at the growth and maturation of the student, who is central. If students have subjects to recuperate, they will do it in September.” The minister stressed thatdistance teaching has helped us save the school year. It does not replace and can never completely replace, of course, face-to-face teaching. But it was the only possible answer so as not to leave children and young people alone.” A plan is also being worked out if Covid-19 emergency will continue till autumn. The measures will provide for greater distancing in the classroom. Furthermore, until the end of the school year Educational trips, exchange or twinning initiatives and guided tours are suspended.

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