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The description of an enchanting landscape created in an original way, which aims to overcome multiple barriers. Not a simple work of art but a clear message to dwell on the beauty of a territory. This is what was done in Naples from the ramparts of Castel Sant’Elmo, Vomero hill. A path that can also be used by blind people. Because there is a handrail, where some phrases using symbols of Braille are reported to explain the beauty of the place. A way to tell the magic of the gulf even to those who unfortunately cannot see it.

Il corrimano sul golfo di Napoli
The Braille inscription created to admire the Gulf of Naples ((Source:

A special handrail, a gesture of solidarity

Thus the panorama of the Piazza d’Armi in Castel Sant’Elmo can be admired in all its splendor. Paolo Puddu, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, created the work entitled “Follow the Shape”. His is a real work of art. We can say that the artist proposed himself as the eyes of those who cannot see. The charm of Naples thus donated to everyone even to those who cannot really see it.

Braille phrases on the handrail tell the beauty of the city

The steel handrail created by the artist Paolo Puddu is all written in Braille. And it tells the panorama through the words taken from the book “The earth and the man” by Giuseppe De Lorenzo, which poetically evokes the beauties of Naples. The work promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

Il corrimano realizzato a Napoli
Il progetto di Puddu realizzato a Napoli (Fonte:

A simple but extraordinary work

This is how an artistic installation becomes a message that goes beyond any ideology. Tourism accessible to all, of course, but capable of letting you taste the details of this place. The project carried out under the Plan for Contemporary Art, with the collaboration of the Friends of Capodimonte Association and the support of Italcoat and Seda. In addition, the artist was awarded the fifth edition of the competition “A work for the castle” with the theme “A look elsewhere – Relationships and meetings”.

Napoli la città dove è stato realizzato il corrimano per ammirare il golfo
A view of Naples

The characters spaced apart to let you taste beauty

The peculiarity of this work is therefore twofold: it’s a means for blind poeple so that they can admire the beauty of the landscape. But at the same time make it enjoy in all its extraordinary nature. In fact, the characters of the written in Braille are larger than usual because, as the author explained, the invitation is to be able to slow down to pay attention to every single word transcribed. And it is immediately magic. A “window” that overlooks the beauty of the gulf and magically makes it accessible to everyone.

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