Odino Faccia, the Italian-Argentine singer nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020 and the Latin Grammy Awards 2020, was chosen by the Saga WhiteBlack star producer to launch a piece of Pope Francis all over the world through a video clip. “Luce nell’oscurità” – “Light in the darkness” -, this is the title of the lyrics written by the Pope and arranged by the Colombian composer and record producer, will be interpreted by the singer elected by the Vatican “Voice for Peace in the World” and president of the “Red Voz por la Paz” Foundation , affiliated to the UN, which promotes the issue of peace everywhere in various fields (culture, politics, religions, businesses, media).

Odino Faccia che stringe la mano al Papa - shaking the Pope's hand
Odino Faccia with Pope Francis (Facebook)

Odino Faccia: the video will be made in Italy

The video clip will be realized in July in Italy. At the Porta Sacra di San Pietro and in other places symbol of Christianity, the singer will send messages of hope, unity, encounter, equality and love, the same contained in the Pope’s lyrics. And precisely from Italy, Odino will announce the start of the world tour of peace concerts, starting from August. The singer, loved throughout Latin America, was the first pop artist in the world to sing in front of Pope Francis and the emeritus Benedict XVI, in St. Peter’s Square. The performance took place in 2014, during the celebrations for the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII.

Odino faccia nella Basilica di San Pietro - in St. Peter's Basilica
The singer in St. Peter’s Basilica

Odino Faccia and his Italian origins

Odino Faccia, whose mission was spreading the values of peace around the world through his concerts, was born in Ensena (Mexico) on August 21, 1974. His father, Pasquale, originally from Assergi (L’Aquila), emigrated to Argentina in 1951, with his mom and siblings. His mother, Maria Garritano, from Longobardi (Cosenza), also reaches Argentina with her family. Here the two meet and marry. Odino, who has three brothers: Sandra, Diana and Cesare, studied Public Relations, and graduated in 2003 from the National University of La Plata. Today, after the long period of forced rest, linked to the Coronavirus emergency, he is happy he can start working again so that his voice reaches the world, continuing to carry everywhere a message of peace and union between peoples. We talked with him.

Odino Faccia durante un concerto - during a concert
Odin, how do you feel to collaborate with a great producer like Saga WitheBlack?

«I am proud of it. It doesn’t happen every day to receive an invitation like this from such a talented producer. WitheBlack works with great artists such as Shakira and Enrique Iglesias, to name just a few. Furthermore, I am extremely pleased that my work can go anywhere».

What message does Pope Francis’ lyrics contain?

«The Pope’s words are an invitation to encounter, to unity, to understand that we are all equal and that the only way to live in community is peace. The lyrics, and the music that accompanies it, want to be a message of love and hope, which can shake consciences and lay the foundations for building a better future».

You are the only artist in the world to have performed in front of two Popes. What do you remember of those moments?

«It was an unforgettable experience. There are no words to fully express the emotion, the joy, the immense happiness that I felt on that occasion».

concerto di Odino Faccia  - concert
What do you think the world needs to achieve peace?

«There is a need for dialogue, to understand each other. Today people think only of themselves, even within families. We need to bring people together, and especially young people, not to look down. It is necessary to understand what is in people’s hearts in order to better understand what each of us has in our hearts».

You represent the Italian community in the world. What do you bring of Italy to other countries?

«I bring my roots, determination, strength, the desire to always go on. With respect for others and clear ideas, you get where you want».

What values did your parents pass on to you?

«My parents gave me the value of work, of deep love, of the family and of being, every day, a better person. This is built only by thinking of others».

Un'altra immagine di Odino e Papa francesco - Another image of Odin and Pope Francis
Do you want to tell us something about the next “Concert tour for Peace 2020”?

«I am enthusiastic about it because I feel that today, after the pandemic, people’s sensitivity has changed. Many people have understood that being more human and supportive is the way forward. With the peace concerts we will visit many cities, we will send messages of hope, not only through music but also through contact with the public. We will bring songs everywhere with the pieces of the Nobel Peace Prize winners and with those of Popes John Paul II and Francis. Not only. There will be surprises and guests».

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