Italian pride: sometimes Italians forget how much they can and should be proud of their country. We look at Italy with serenity and we see 7 reasons to be proud of.


Italy has the most extraordinary history in the world. The Romans ruled from Spain to the Middle East, from Morocco to Germany. With the Popes the whole world has always continued to look at Italy and the Italians have led a religion for two millennia. In the Renaissance, Italy became synonymous with beauty. Marco Polo introduced Italy to China, Colombo discovered America and Marconi invented the radio. Just to name a few.


Recently I took a walk in Venice. And despite visiting that city since I was a child, getting lost in the streets every time gives new visions, new flavors, new discoveries. The eyes and the desire to see are enough to know that Italy is the world home of visual and plastic art. And it has always been so. Just take a ride not only in Venice but also in Florence or Rome to bring down any doubt. Michelangelo, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Giotto, Tiziano, Raffaello are just some of the many names that the whole world envies us. Each village is a treasure chest that contains treasures that are not found anywhere else in the world. Go, I don’t know, to Montone, in Umbria, to discover a small village that you might not have known is actually much more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.


The more I travel the world the more I realize a real absolute Italian superiority that is unquestionable in the matter of food. Japanese make a wonderful sushi, the Chinese cuisine is very interesting, in France there is something good, especially in terms of wines. But there is no country in the world that can even remotely compete with Italian flavors. And I’m not talking about pizza or those Italian foods that have adapted to market massifications, which are much better than others. But the fact that each village and city has its own recipes, its own culinary traditions, each slightly different from the other. Thus in a country much smaller than others there is a variety of cuisines ranging from fish to meat, from the use of spices to mountain traditions. The best welcome that Italy gives to the Italians who return home explodes on the tongue.

Italian flag with the inscription: a bit of Italian pride


Maybe we don’t realize it but the whole world looks to Italians as masters of style in dressing. And they are right: just take a trip to London or Paris to realize that this virtue of Italians can be seen even walking down the street. Even if we let the kids get dressed like in the slums of the big American cities there remains a heritage and a tradition in fashion that has no equal. Brands like Armani, Versace, Valentino testify this at all times.


Every time I come back to Italy it is my breath that makes me understand that here we live differently. Excluding the metropolitan corners conquered by the capitalist frenzy, Italy remains a world tuned to the agricultural dimension and therefore to the rhythms of nature. If this is accompanied by that ancient sense of humanitas that makes smiles rather than cars meet in small cities, we understand that the lifestyle we find is quite unique. Especially in its province, Italy is one of the places with the highest quality of life in the world. Or at least with the greatest density of humanity.


Italy feels good in the ears. For centuries music had Italian as its language. The works are in Italian – even those by Mozart – the greatest musicians were Italian and the Italy of music was considered their homeland. Perhaps because of its harmonious and melodious language. There is no need to bother names like Verdi and Rossini, Italian pride, in support of this thesis. Theaters around the world show at every performance that foreigners are much more aware of this than the Italians themselves.


Wherever you are in the world or with any nationality, Italians are considered a special spice when it comes to relationships between men and women. There is something ancient about this – just think of the name Casanova that still resonates – but there is. This is especially true for the vision one has of the Italian man but even more so for the natural association that is made between Italy and the word love. Immortal stories like that of Paolo and Francesca, Sigismondo and Isotta, Romeo and Juliet testify this. Together with Saint Valentine. Which was Italian.

A little Italian pride!

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