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The Italian soldier, of any order and rank, is a real angel in uniform. The example of these men, ready to serve their Fatherland – to serve us! – at the cost of their lives, it conveys a rare sense of humanity. To keep in mind even in peacetime.

The Italian military, a lifestyle choice

It may seem obvious to say so, but you have to be born with a military vocation. This is an innate passion. An immense love that, at some point, will need to be truly realized. Military career, for a young man, is not the easiest way to go. So many obstacles to overcome to become a member; many delicate tasks to carry out. Taking a military career does not mean aiming for a permanent job (the fateful dream that many pursue). Rather, it is a choice that will revolutionize everyday life.

Militare italiano aeronautica militare

Being an Italian soldier: what does it mean?

Serve your country, with the awareness of the risks involved. Being an Italian soldier also means this: total dedication to the tricolor, for which many have shed their blood. The life of a military man is not monotonous; in fact, it is really active and goes well beyond typical office hours. And even when you wear the uniform, you always remain a military man; because the stars are not hung on the uniform, but on the heart.

Being an Italian military: what values does it teach?

A young man who undertakes a military career knows that he will see his character forged and learn discipline. But not only that: he will be able to understand the true meaning of the concepts of coexistence and team spirit. Because he will share this experience with other boys, destined to become ‘brothers’. Other important values are those related to respect and mutual help. Finding themselves to live in other totally different realities, these guys will be able to touch diversity with their own hands and, at the same time, respect it. But this also happens between fellow soldiers, precisely because they are boys with different lives and experiences, sharing the same passion. Finally, those who decide to live military life, know that it will be part of a larger project and that it has important objectives for the defense of the homeland and of the Italians themselves.

Militare Italiano con cane

Missions abroad

Often, young people who decide to take this path are catapulted into missions in unknown areas. And therefore, they find themselves far from their loved ones and friends. They are immersed in a completely new and often dangerous reality. Unfortunately, the story, even recently, tells us of many boys who lost their lives in attacks during the missions. Young heroes that the whole of Italy has cried and that continues to cry even today. Teens torn from life but who loved it so much that they brought their help to areas at very high risk.


To start the career, you can study in prestigious schools where you receive high-level training; or you can start as a volunteer. In addition, it can be accessed through specific competitions. For success, adequate preparation is required, not only physically, but also intellectually.


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