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Italy, like other countries affected by Covid-19 health emergency, has taken a series of measures to limit the infection. Measures which, on the one hand, are making it possible to keep the infection under control but, on the other hand, have put many businesses in difficulty, given that they had to suspend their activities in compliance with the rules. Today more than ever it is necessary to support Italy’s economic recovery and to do so we must defend and promote the beautiful things that make our country unique. Made in Italy, our excellences such as our cuisine, loved all over the world. Italian chefs and restaurateurs around the world need a hand.

An Italian partnership for restaurateurs

In recent days the network has started a collaboration with I Love Italian Food. The two realities have Italy in their hearts and the desire to make known the beauty of our land abroad.

ristoratori - I Love Italian Food / restaurateurs
I Love Italian Food is the largest community of Italians in the world. A network of 60 blogs made up of people belonging to Italy by birth or for love. People who feel within them the indissoluble bond with our country. I Love Italian Food promotes Italian food and wine culture in the world. Created in 2013 in Reggio Emilia by a group of friends who are passionate about Italian food, today it is a large international community that has exceeded one billion digital contacts. All firmly convinced that Italy’s economic future is linked to agri-food and the ability to carry it around the world.

The Support Italian Food Warriors project

In this health emergency, chefs and restaurateurs are fighting a real “battle” for survival, with the bars and restaurants closed in many countries, mainly in Italy

ristoratori - Support Italian Food Warriors
Support Italian Food Warriors

Thus the project “Support Italian Food Warriors” was launched by I Love Italian Food in collaboration with Kaiti expansion and Italian Food Studio. Their goal? Support the authentic Italian chefs and restaurateurs, in Italy and worldwide. Let’s see in detail what it is. Alessandro Schiatti, CEO and co-founder of I Love Italian Food, explains: “In this moment of global lockdown, we have created a platform to offer restaurateurs a way to continue talking to their customers, creating a new dining experience that will allow them to gather moral and economic support. The restaurateurs will be able to share, through online masterclasses, the secrets of their dishes with customers and with all fans of Italian cuisine, collecting a contribution that each restaurateur can use to support his business or even devolve to causes dear to him”.

Masterclass to support chefs and restaurateurs

The project has already saw many adhesions and the collaboration of numerous associations in Italy and worldwide that bring together thousands of chefs and restaurateurs.

ristoratori - uno chef che prepara un piatto / restaurateurs - a chef preparing a dish

It is supported by a virtuous team of companies supporting I Love Italian Food, including Carpigiani, Fior di Maso, Montanari Gruzza and Monti Trentini. The masterclasses, which began on April 18, will be disseminated through the webinar platform until June 28. Italian New York chef association; UCI – Union of Italian Chefs; itchefs; Global School Palazzo Italia; ACI – Italian Chefs Association; Italian Feeds America; delegations of Belgium, Argentina, Poland and France of the Italian Chefs Federation; the Italian Group of New York; the International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate Shops; Italian Food #Moltobuono, Authentico and Future Food Network are among the organizations that have chosen to support Italian Food Warriors. Visit the website for more info.

Agri-food, Italy’s engine

According to Schiatti Made in Italy agri-food is the enigne of Italy. One of our greatest riches.

ristoratori - momento della preparazione della pasta / restaurateurs - moment of pasta preparation
Photo by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash

It is the result of our many popular cultures, our geography and the many microclimates that make it up.” The mission of the association is therefore today more than ever to put the products of the Italian supply chain and, together with them, the companies that invest in the territory, to overcome the challenge of Italian sounding and protect all that is 100per100 Italian.

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